CIS Update with BO Clean

I KNOW BO Clean is in the new CIS update. I guess I should uninstall BO Clean before updating. Should I uninstall CIS3.8.6 and have a new install of CIS or can you install over existing CIS so as not to lose your Firewall settings? What is recommended during this transition? Thanks 4Putt!

best to do a clean install, also don’t import your configuration from 3.8 becasue it is not compatible with the new 3.9.509 version.

The setting of 3.8 would work but in 3.9 new default policies are set to work. In order to enjoy the advantage of that it is best to do a clean install.

The updates for BOClean will stop at May 26. So it makes sense to uninstall BOClean,

Thanks for your help I will do a clean install. 4putts

Guys,I still need your help. I tried to download the new CIS but the 3.8.6 AV detected a Heur.PEBomb. When i Google this I see it’s a false positive and has been been pretty common. But it locks everything up. Any idea when this will be repaired. Thanks 4 putt

Try excluding the file or otherwise disable Heuristic analysis for the AV. That can be done under Anti Virus → Scanner settings.

Thanks Eric it worked like a champ. I noticed after I installed the new CIS 3.9.9 that the AV Heuristic scan is set to low and it was set to high on the old 3.8. Should it be low? 4putt

The heuristic detection is still very young so it tends to give lots of false positives when set to high. Keep it at low. That’s what most people use.

Thanks for your help, everything is working great. 4putt