CIS update takes ages ( cfpupdat.exe )

As i mentioned, cfpupdat.exe use around 25% CPU usage and it does like this all day.
No connections to network for cfpupdat.exe when i check em, rules are standard for it in my ruleset.
Its clean install Windows 7, …
The version of CIS is latest whit last 3 numbers .920 in about section of CIS.

Whats wrong and how can i fix this?

Tnx Igor

it might be a bad download so i would try to download it again

It starts by itself, or if i start it by myself, situation remains same.

Are there other security programs running in the background that could interfere? Are there network related apps like Net Limiter, Netcap etc that could interfere? Please try disabling them and try again.


I am using Panda Antivirus 2010 on Vista SP2, no programs like you mentioned.
Its basicly a clean install whit all the stuff i need.

I noticed this problem only in this newest Comodo IS free vesrion as on Vista same on 7.

you should not run to antiviruses on one computer they will cause conflicts. that could be the root of your problem.

Common man, can you read right? I am using Panda Antivirus as i mentioned so probably i didnt install Comodo Antivirus, …
Please only experts too answer in this topic !!
The problem still same, cfpupdat.exe runing and runing …

I have DEP on, Panda Antivirus, temp file encrypted, pagefile too, and My Documents.
But this shouldt be a problem, i belive this is Comodos Bug couse a lot of users mentioned problems whit this version of Comodo. Please fix …