CIS Update problem [RESOLVED]

I apologize in advance, if this is not the correct place for this post. I have Comodo Internet Security installed on three computers, two with Windows XP that are working fine. This one, a Toshiba laptop which uses the Window Vista 32 bit operating system, works fine except that it does not recognize that it is has the latest version of CIS installed and on a regular basis wants to install an updated version. The problem has been going on long before I updated to the 3.11 version of CIS. In the past I have been hitting ok and letting it do a false update in the hopes that some day it would work its self out. It takes no time to do an update as there are usually no updates available, but it is a bit of a nuisance. When there is one available, the update will proceed normally, but it never recognizes that it up to date. Also when I click on the manual “check for updates”, CIS will tell me that there is a newer version available, but when it goes to do the update it comes back with a message advising me that the latest version is installed.

If anyone can advise me on how to remedy this pesky problem, it would be greatly appreciated.


Did you by any change delete entries in the Trusted Software Vendors list (can be found under Defense + → Common Tasks)?

I don’t think so. I have two entries defined by Comodo: one for Comodo CA Limited and a second one for Comodo CP, Inc. All other entries are user defined.

As it’s vista related my bet goes to VirtualStore.

Can you check the following path:
c:\users<YourUserID>\appdata\local\virtualstore\program files\comodo

See if it exists and if it has \Comodo Internet Security under it, if so please delete those and reboot.
Now the “false” updates should be gone.

See here for more information on UAC an VirtualStore

Hi Ronny

Thanks for replying and for writing out that long file path! Yes the path exists and it has CIS under it Do you mean to delete both the Comodo directory and the CIS directory or just the CIS directory or just the folders under the CIS directory?


You can safely remove the c:\users<YourUserID>\appdata\local\virtualstore\program files\comodo folder and everything that’s in there.

Done and I do believed fixed. I’ve restarted and did not get an auto update message. I’ve also attempted a manual update and there were none available. ;D

Thank you Ronnie and EricJH. I’ve should have posted for help a long time ago. The Comodo forum is the best. :-TU


Hi Guu,

Great to hear it’s solved


Every day I see another reason to be glad I’m still using XP—lol

Well technically this is not M$ his fault… :wink: