CIS update points for a previous version

Today, Jan 28th, Comodo update (set to automatic) informed me that a new version was available. When I asked to see the details the Comodo page shows the new version to be .
However, current version installed on my PC is identified in About as
Funny thing is that the version I have is not shown on update page.

Any hint?

Jose Pinho.

You missed out the number 1 on the end (581) and a new update has just been released 3.14… you will find it has been stated in the forums. Fixes some bugs etc. So update, restart computer and all is done.

I do agree though, when you click update details, it is lagging behind and not relevant to the update you apply. That is why you read the threads created in here by the staff of what the update consists of.

Hope this helps. :wink:

You are right. I tried to show version number bolded. It did not work, and just showed . So, I removed the symbol using backspace, and by mistake removed the last digit (1).
Hope the ilag in Update details be soon eliminated.
Case closed.


Jose Pinho.

No worries, maybe a staff member will take note and act on this. They do in all other matters, so it would not shock me. Anyway welcome to the forum, I suggest you make more use of this place as it’s a lovely place to voice your feedback/concerns and anything else that comes to mind.


The official pages are always behind with the release notes and new versions. It’s a pain and an annoyance…

Best to keep an eye on the Feedback/Comments/Announcements/News - CIS board. The forums get the release notes and download first. The forums and the automatic updater are usually pretty much in synch.