cis update not good

cis update not good. i had updated from 3.9 to 3.10…531. today i downloaded and installed a fresh copy of 3.10…531. i noticed 2 changes which were not there in 3.10…531 when it was updated from 3.9.

  1. defence+ ------ monitor settings --------- objects to monitor against direct access ------- disks is checked now. previously it wasn’t checked. is this the new default setting??

  2. my trusted vendors list has increased now. in the update from 3.9 to 3.10 the list was same as it was in 3.9. is this the new default list.

this things shouldn’t happen or the devs should clearly mention if an update will not have some new default settings and fresh install will have some new default settings. this things are important for an average users like me who have default settings and will not get the new default settings coz the update doesn’t include the new default settings. only fresh install includes the new default settings. so plzz if you are improving your product so that it fits for average users too this things shouldn’t happen or a clear mention of the things should be there. m i right frds. plzz clear my above 2 points.


You are correct in your points above naren, there was a mitigating factor in this though as far as i know. If the update had included the above it would have messed up the configurations which would have meant a clean install was necessary anyway.
I think this was probably the lesser of 2 evils, maybe the change log could have been differant but not many people take notice of it.


p.s. The disc access one was not previously checked because of complaints about direct access pop-ups, these have now been considerably reduced.

thanxx replying. but they should clearly mention any such things. so you mean the new default settings now include disks checked and increased trusted vendors list. are there any other changes in new default settings??