CIS update makes my system freezing

I’ve been using the CIS for a few months without problems. On November 18th the CIS updated and requested a restart… after that… problems begin.
I log on and then in a few seconds everything freeze, and I have to push the restart button.
The only ways to overcome this problem is to start the computer in safe mode and either uninstall the CIS, either to delete the latest downloaded bases.cav.
Then I’m able to log on, but the CIS again start to update definitions… and soon I face the same problem.

What’s wrong with the latest definitions?!

actually there is a bug in one of the files with people who run AMD processors, in safe mode open up CIS go to the miscellaneous tab, have it check for updates and install the newest update, restart and everything should be good to go again.

It seems like every AV update locks the system up for 5-10 minutes. What the hell has happened to Comodo?! It started about 2 months ago and you know there are PLENTY of posts about it.

I’m about ready to seek another solution as this is getting silly!!!

I’ve have now lost 1 hour of productivity over this mess.

At 9:49am CIS said it was updating the AV database. It locked the PC up solid. After 10 minutes, I rebooted it, waited 5 more minutes as it took CIS to do it’s slow stuff. Then I came here, read this thread, checked for an update, found one and started it. Meanwhile it said it had updated the database at 10:09 While it downloaded I made my 1st post at 10:15.

Once it had updated, I rebooted and had to wait over 10 minutes after windows was loaded so CIS could lock up the system again. Memory usage bounced from 65k to over 305k - like a yo-yo. System was unresponsive. Now it says it’s done and DB was updated again, at 10:46.

Now after over 1 hour of lost time I get to reopen my photo and begin editing it all over again.

POS mean anything to Comodo?! That what this has become.

A VERY disgruntled user!

Yes, on some systems, CIS is an absolute pig when it updates.

Well, same dang thing again today!!!

Working on the PC and it just stops and lockups around 9:30am. I let it sit 15 minutes and finally reset it after seeing NO drive activity. Once it comes up, I open CIS and see the DB updated at 9:28!!!

Then 2 minutes later it locks up again around 9:49. This time I had drive activity so I timed it and it took 7 minutes to start responding again. cmdagent mem use yo-yoing all over the place. Now it says DB updated at 9:57 and cmdagent is down to 3804K instead of a high over 305000K and cpu locked.

It’s not even worth “FREE” now. What a POS it has become! I guess I’ll be spending the rest of my day researching an alternative because this garbage will be off my PC by this evening!