CIS Update Just Restores Useless Language Files

There is a difference between “useless junk files” and “stuff I could do without”…
Just sayin’

Honestly - I just uninstalled CIS. This forum and the responses of some posters scares me. Back to Lookn ‘n’ Stop and happy. PLEASE do not respond anymore and you can delete my user.

This thread would have a way better ending if you started it with less harsh words, brah!
Good luck with your new firewall and don’t forget to have a LOOK at our forum from time to time and STOP by :wink:

Sorry to see you go.

CIS stores rules and settings in the registry that’s why there are a lot entries. It has been asked various times in the past to store in a file rather than registry.

I don’t care that much whether the rules are stored in the one file called registry or another file. Having a big registry is not a performance issue anymore.

If I am correctly informed back, in the days of Windows 95/98 Windows used to load the entire registry in memory. Then size would be of influence on general Windows performance. Especially since memory back then probably was more expensive then it is these days and may not have been administered as abundantly as is done these days.

at Johnxxx
you try to read something bad in the posts. i dont say its good to have “useless” files. i just mentioned that it would be the lowest start to solve this by speaking about 6mb language files in a firewall. there are bigger problems in many programs and systems, they must drive you mad when you allready have a problem with this.

you could be happy that comodo doesnt need +1,5gb files like some other security product. and for that product you had to pay a lot.
as long as you discuss in a “thematic way” you will find good discussions here. but when you speak from top to bottom, people will respond with critic.
its not necessary to “code for 35 years” to speak about this. and who knows, maybe the “coders” DECIDED to make a language folder with intention.

the other important thing in a forum is, apart from knowing what one is speaking about, to care about the tone and the attitude towards the other users.
for example, you said “clockwork you are right”… and then you said things that i didnt say. how could such a discussion stay on topic?
if i had been in the forum of your new program, i had told you the same :slight_smile:

Now this is really the kind of response which I expected in a discussion board like this one.

You are a wise moderator, captainsticks.


in discussion boards discussions happen. thats what i expect :slight_smile:

and its nice to have able moderators.

the topic started with some “unrelated assumptions” about quality of coding, went over to discrediting others answers, ended in anger for one.

like he said, 35 years ago, 6 mb had for sure deserved to be saved with enthusiasm :slight_smile: . but to speak today about 6mb language files related to quality of coding… …
it didnt fit how he bit into this small thing, while his windows “wastes” a lot more in the same time. he even didnt listen to arguments which were relativating his problem to a nothing.