CIS Update Just Restores Useless Language Files

If you look in the Comodo folder and here in translations you will find the language files like hungarian, italian, polish, turkish, ukrainain and so on - all in all 120 useless files. The installer is not able to ask you what you want to install - so everything what is possible will be installed.

I deleted these space wasting entries. But if I check if there is an update for CIS available it says YES and just restores those space wasting entries. Great concept really! It is bad enough already that all this scrap gets installed. It would be so easy - just ask in the installer what should be installed. Hopefully the rest of the software has a better coding. Hopefully…

Those “useless” languages are by Comodo Community members who devoted their time and energy to spread the Comodo software and be accessible in other countries.
So, thanks for telling them their work is useless.
You remind me of this guy “John”

Basically, you are complaining about:
Size: 6,30 MB (6.608.255 bytes)
Size on disk: 2,69 MB (2.826.240 bytes)
Contains: 120 files, 0 folders

Hopefully you get education on proper manners, John. Hopefully… :-TD
-1000 internet respect points

You have no idea about coding and just create more waste.

One more thing - because we should be grateful to all those people everyone should have it on the HD? Don’t misunderstand me - they did a great job. But now we have to keep all those files we do not need on our HDs? This is your thinking. You think this will make them happy - that those files are on our HD?

What can you possibly DO with 6 megabytes of space!!!
Brah come on, you can do way better than that!

  1. Java brah, u mad?

Well, I think most users of Comodo living outside US. But there are two solutions;

  1. CIS comes in 120 different downloads, or

  2. Ask your dad to use Windows Explorer to delete those small files you don´t need.

Just as simple as that

ROFL! ;D :smiley: ;D

Did you ever hear of a statement IF THEN ELSE?

This statement would allow to just select the language needed. Somehow in this forum is not much knowledge but a lot of response >:(

I still can’t figure out why is this even an issue to you… It’s not like it slows down your computer or eats your hdd…

lol CIS developed in ;D But that would mean that only 1 language is installed. Let’s say for example somebody from Holland installs a dutch language pack. This user in the past always had a English language pack installed. He starts using CIS with the dutch language for a while, but because he is used to English he does not understand all the alerts anymore. He wants to switch back to english but guess what? He can’t because there is no english language pack installed lol… This user now needs to search on the internet where the hell he can download the english language pack…

But really i don’t see the problem having a folder which is 6mb…

Hi John,
I personally didn’t see a question in your OP only feedback carrying some attitude.
The people that replied didn’t have a question to answer so no knowledge required.

However there was some feedback and opinions returned no problems.
Now everyone is entitled to an opinion the same as you or I, but if there was a question we would all try to help maybe even with some knowledgable responses.

If this really bothers you about the language files, you might like to start a new wish (less attitude) in the wish list to make them custom during install.
Wishlist found here.

Kind regards from Captainsticks.

at Johnxxx

you discovered a terrible, unseen truth! its even valid for so much else. look in your windows system. for example, there is a firewall in windows. EVEN if you want to use another one! theres an email program, EVEN if you dont want it. theres a browser, … unused fonts, …

you should just use all the things that are on your harddrive, instead of letting them become unused by using an alternative!

i wonder what you think now about windows… :smiley:

He’s a fan of Linux with Terminal ONLY! :P0l ;D


Johnxxx just tries to help making COMODO Internet Security better and user-friendly and I think the developers of CIS should listen to him.


That is why I have suggested to make a new wish in the wishlist section in my previous reply in this Topic, this will increase the chances somewhat that the Devs will take some notice.
Kind regards.

at Cisnofiel
but it IS in a way userfriendly, like windows, to have possible files. and the amount of megabytes which for example windows stores on your harddrive to gain possible userfriendlyness is by far higher than what we speak here about.

if you think ahead describing this as a real problem… what is with games where you can style your character, and the unused files will stay too?
and if you have a lower card, what is with the unused effects? should all that be asked in the installation before too?
what is with the style files of comodo?
if you fixed that “problem” in comodo, this problem will still haunt you in many other things around you.

there is a game where i would like to have two language files stored on my computer. but it loads the full single language pack again, each time when i change the language. its more than 6 megabyte :wink: .

i dont see an effective problem in this topic. i see an opinion.

Thank you for your understanding. Honestly I did not expect that people blame me so much that I want to get rid of those files. Even say that I should ask my dad to delete those files otherwise people will have to chose of 120 different download files - what a great concept!!! So now I would say there are still some language files missing and they should increase them to all possible languages and keep them all on the HD - twice in the repair folder too so that nothing can get lost :-TU

Why not make a .bat file and place it in a startup folder so it auto deletes those files you don’t need?

the “blaming” wasnt caused by your opinion. but you suddenly spoke about bad coding related to more language files stored than needed. and “we” wouldnt have much knowledge (as “we” dont follow your opinion).

in simple reaction came some examples about how usually it happens to have more files than needed.

are you happy when you get the 6mb back? is it no matter then for you that still +100 times more files on your harddrive are never needed? this is the question that i cant solve with your posts.

Clockwork - you are right. I changed my mind and advised that they should create every possible language file and keep them even twice to improve the coding.

On the other hand - I started coding about 35 years ago. At this time I have learned to keep the used system resources as small as possible. Afterwards I worked for about two decades in one of the biggest software companies in the world. Here I learned the difference between people being able to code and not. It is like saying something in a view words or try to explain the same in a confusing way over hours. This is not a CIS only problem but a general one - I know. Whenever I install something I always make an install trace to find out what gets installed. Here I was wondering for instance about the many thousands of Registry entries CIS created. In the end I do not care. I do not have to use CIS. I just tried to help to make it better.

But anyhow - you have your opinion. Why don’t you allow me to have a different one? No need to fight.