My PC:
Intel Core 2 Duo E8400 (3.0GHz, 1333 FSB, 6MB L2 Cache, NO O.C.)
Gigabyte GA_P35-DS3 (BIOS Rev. F11, didn’t support my CPU without it)
2GB DDR2 800 CL4 RAM
Internet connection - Cable, 20mb/s DL, 10mb/s UL
Windows XP Service Pack 3
the rest doesn’t really matter, I suppose
now the problem:
As much as I read this section of the forum, some people have the same issue as me, and that is - when I do an update to my CIS (version 3.11.108364.552, updated minutes ago), the updater hogs hundreds of megabytes of memory, both physical and virtual, the CPU also sometimes spikes up to all 100%, and it updates (for an unknown reason with my internet) terribly slowly, jumps from 0 to 30% in seconds, in the next 30 seconds up to 52% and then it goes 2% a minute (!!!), all the time I can’t do absolutely nothing on my pc since it simply freezes all the time, mostly because of CPU, since RAM is always half empty or so
I am an active user of torrents, and I thought maybe that was the problem (the constant use of network sockets and HDD cache, a little bit of CPU etc.), turned that off for a few minutes to clear off the cache, but still, slow as hell
I’m almost always running only 19 processes, of which only 5 are residential, and those are cfp.exe, cmdagent.exe, nvsvc32.exe, uTorrent.exe and iexplore.exe, NOTHING else, unless I watch a movie or play a game
Hopefully this can be resolved soon, since this is the ONLY thing I dislike about CIS, everything else is perfectly fine for me, this is the best Internet Security program I’ve ever used, Outpost Firewall Pro takes second place, anything else isn’t even worth mentioning

What I believe is happening, from my own experience, is that CIS is downloading a complete new version of the virus defs, over 100MB.

Now I’ve never had the CPU usage spike like that during this update - that indicates you have another problem (possibly not enough ram for the programs running, or maybe you have a rootkit, or something). However I do have trouble using the internet while the full update of the virus defs download is occurring…


The initial AV update is big and a sore to all systems. Don’t expect a change any time soon. May be things get better with version 4 but that won’t be here as early as the end of the year.

Eric: Why doesn’t the update at least download the virus defs in parts instead of one hugh file? Like what can be done with rar separating the rared file into a bunch of smaller files? Then if one has an error, you only have to download the 1 again.

And furthermore, why can’t we setup a local machine to cache the download of the defs? My BW is limited (and there’s no way for me to get anything else), and comodo updates use up a hugh chunk of my BW, seeing as how I have 8 PCs in my home to keep updated. (2 for kids, 2 for HTPCs, 2 laptops, and 3 regular use desktops, all of which are used daily…

this occurs on all updates, every time I update
I’m doing one ATM, even the task manager freezes occasionally when i click on the cmdagent.exe process or on the Performance tab
weirdly enough, it doesn’t show any 100% CPU usage spikes, max 70% on each core, but why does the Task Manager freeze then?

You can download from a local source with the current builds. Look under Miscellaneous → Settings → Connection → Updates host. But you may need a local server with Comodo Endpoint Security Manager which is free for home use with no more than 5 machines I think.

The updater is an intensive process but I don’t recall it being this heavy on my old 32 bits system.

The only thing that comes to mind is a trick to make it less heavy on older hardware with 512 MB or less RAM. It is to disable the pagefile from being scanned by the resident shield.

if you mean to add the pagefile.sys to exclusions, done already, not helping, just did an update, same lags all over again, when it started, i was opening a video file, the pc just froze for 20 or so seconds, then slowly started waking up, barely opened up task manager and there it was - cmdagent.exe, 30% CPU, 200+ mb physical and virtual memory usage
usually at the moment it starts the update, the cpu jumps all the way up to 100%, then slowly melts down

maybe there are some programs, that have a known conflict with CIS?
i only have this, no other AVs or firewalls or anti-spyware, nothing of that kind

The 200 MB of memory usage is “normal behaviour” for CIS. It happens to everybody.

Eating a lot of CPU cycles is pretty normal; I don’t it see it that often as my computer is on most of the day so only get the small incremental updates. When not having update for 2 or 3 days the update is noticeably influencing the performance shortly after boot up.

It’s a pain up the bum… 88)

but it almost completely freezes my pc during that update, which lasts at least 5 minutes every time!

Five minutes out of the ordinary for such a potent system as yours. Make sure you have Windows Firewall disabled; the installer does not turn it off when installing CIS.

What do you mean with updating slowly? Did you check with View Active Connections or an external program? Please view with View Active Connections or another program to see how much is being downloaded when you update the av. This is to see whether you are downloading the initial av database over and over again. I have seen this reported by anotehr user.

When the initial av database gets downloaded each time I would like to suggest to do a clean install. After uninstalling and rebooting use this tool to get rid of possible left overs:;msg259617#msg259617/ . After running this tool reboot again and install CIS again.

Remember to export your configuration before uninstalling.

i said few posts ago, that i turned off utorrent and nothing changed
the connections after utorrent shut down drop to 0-4 (4 listening), there is nothing else downloading/uploading anything, so ports or bandwidth can’t be the problem
didn’t check how much does it dl every time, but the update versions change every time i do it, so that couldn’t be the problem
win fw is disabled as soon as OS is set up, i always do that, same for some other windows services too
updating slowly = jumps by 2-3% every 20 or so seconds, other than that only the cisupdat.exe runs and disappears few times in task manager, as much as i’ve noticed (dunno why’s that)

doing another frigging update ATM, i have noticed that there is NO connection for cmdagent.exe or cmdupdat.exe, it shows me it’s downloading, but there is no connection, the % keep rising, but from where? is that connection hidden or something?
nothing is downloading, it simply slows pc down to a speed of a turtle, while showing me update progress
WTF is wrong with that stupid update program?

That is normal when the database was not updated a couple of days. The update process can be resource intensive.

other than that only the cisupdat.exe runs and disappears few times in task manager, as much as i’ve noticed (dunno why’s that)
I assume you are referring to cfpupdat.exe? That is the program updater and that’s a different animal. The AV updates are being handled by cmdagent.exe.

That’s not right; you should see it connection to several update servers in the process. That leads me to believe there is something not quite right about your set up. What other security or network related programs do you have running in the background?

nothing is downloading, it simply slows pc down to a speed of a turtle, while showing me update progress WTF is wrong with that stupid update program?
The AV update after a couple or more days of not updating is heavy. Not much one can do about it. It is more well behaved with the incremental updates when the computer is running.

To lessen the load some you can disable AV scanning of the pagefile. This trick is usually adviced to people on older hardware with less than 512 MB of RAM.

there is nothing else except CIS, no AV’s, no firewalls, no anti-spyware, nothing of that kind at all
windows fw was disabled as soon as I last reinstalled my pc
about the missing connections: I’m thinking it might be because of my switch, i’ve recently had problems with that darn box, my ISP says they’ve changed it several times, but the lags don’t seem to stop (randomly occurring pocketloss up to 55% or even more). I’ve tried talking to them about putting my own switch instead, but they don’t reply
the non-working pagefile exception thingy was done when i first read the forums a month ago, but anyway, it’s got no connection to the update, the scanning is fine

if it’s not a secret, how much approx. is one days worth of updates?

I was rereading your topic start. I see you have uTorrent running a lot. How is it configured? WHat is the amount total connections it is set to? What is the amount of total connections your modem(/router?) can handle? How big a percentage is uTorrent from your connection’s upload capacity?

What I am wondering is since you get a big load when updating the AV each time is whether the updater downloads the big database with each update. I have seen this reported twice recently. Can you update your AV and see how much it downloads.

I was on my XP installation today and that had not had an update for 5 days. I can now confirm your problem. It was not only noticeably influencing performance as I had seen before. Windows crawled for five minutes; it would not respond for more than just several seconds on end… it was like going through mud…

I probably never seen it this strong before as usually it had only a couple of days to update. Also I sometimes copy the bases.cav from my Win 7 to the Vista and XP installations for convenience.

The utorrent is disabled when i do these updates.
I just turned on my pc and decided to do an almost weeks worth of updating (sunday->friday).
I finaly noticed the downloads, the cmdagent.exe process downloaded ~2mb of files, but finished downloading at 53%, further it simply doesn’t do anything, just torturing SLOOOOOOW update.

“Windows crawled for five minutes; it would not respond for more than just several seconds on end… it was like going through mud…”
Exactly, that’s the only problem I have with Comodo, and it’s almost enough to think about switching AVs.
Or simply disabling the autoupdate, which I already have done.
P.S. ~5 minutes elapsed, update at 77%…

Just for info, it’s downloading only from 5% → 30%, after that it’s merging the downloaded information with it’s current database…

so that means the problem is in my pc? could it be hard drive fragmentation? since i’ve got no other known problems

No i don’t think so, the merging process doesn’t seem to be really efficient.
So the slower your cpu is the longer it will take to merge these in a row.