CIS update from 7 to 8, HIPS interferes with the installation

today there was a programm update for my CIS free from version 7 to 8. however, after the download, during the installation process, the HIPS gave several alerts, which i was not able to answer all, caus at the same time windows asked me wheter i allow those changes from the installer or not. after answering the win8.1 window the screen freezed for about a minute or two, then i could allow the two HIPS alerts and disable HIPS temporarely.
the installation seemes to have been executed anyhow. i think it’s very strange that CIS interferes with its own update :o 88)

I experienced this as well. My update went smoothly, but I noticed many Comodo files were added to the Trusted Files list and the Auto Sandbox rules. You may want to check yours. Comodo couldn’t recognize itself! :o