CIS update error

Im experiencing an error on CIS update.

When I click the update button I get the error: Erro: 0x80070002 - O sistema não pode encontrar o arquivo especificado.

See screenshot.

The topic was moved because?

Its not related to some configuration. Its some error on cis servers.

You are asking for help which belongs in the help topic

its not a help request. i pointed out a problem with cis update server. the post was intent to show comodo employees the problem.

anyway, they released an update. maybe its a problem with cis servers getting updated with this new release…

Hi yro,

I had the same issue for some time while trying to update CIS. It was like a couple of hours ago ( I am located at a UTC - 03:00 time zone). Now, however, the update is working smoothly and Comodo was updated to its lateste version ( Google Chrome hotfix). Not sure you will see the same, but after CIS program versionwas updated, its icon at the task tray indicated it needed to have the virus signatures updated, what I did without any glitch.
Now the “Sobre” (About) link shows:
Program Version (Versao do Produto):
Databank Version (Versao do Banco de Dados): 23194
And so far, so good for Google Chrome browser version 45, after chrome.exe was removed from the exception list of HIPS.

Jose Pinho

Hi yro,
Is your system portable, are you able to see if you get the same result at another connection location?
Do you have access to another system to try at the same location?
This would help eliminate whether it is the system or the location that has the issue.


all working fine on 3 machines (2 laptops and 1 desktop).

I guess the problem was related to the cis server getting populated with the new version.

Please refrain from ridiculing other forum members. It could a load balancer issue that affected serving the Americas and not Europe f.e… We don’t know what caused it.