cis uninstalled then fatal error 1603

I ran superantispy today and it removed geekbuddy as an unwanted program also cis itself. Now every time I try to reinstall I get the fatal error notice. I can install older versions but when they are installed I cannot reboot my machine! What next reinstall the os?

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I suspect if you uninstall SAS, you will be able to reinstall Comodo and reboot normally.

You suspect incorrectly in my case. I uninstalled sas to no avail however not one to give in I succeeded with this solution. After sas had ruined my cis installation but not internet connection. I ran cis installation all fine till reboot then cmdagent.exe could not be started and the browse pc option opened. I did browse and deleted every comodo link it gave me ran ccleaner rebooted then re installed successfully. Hopefully a proper cis un installer will be developed one day! Ps You can tell sas to ignore comodo in future scans.

Hi to you both,
CIS is being improved for detecting incompatible software, this might save issues like this in the future.

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lyn - Glad you found a solution in spite of my incorrect suspicion. Thanks for the tip. I was bothered that SAS prevented the repairing and/or reinstalling of both the backup and firewall software without any notification. I might reinstall SAS and try changing the setting, but am not missing it that terribly since it’s usually just tracking cookies it finds.

captainsticks/Buket - Thanks for info on the update.

Maybe you only find tracking cookies because CIS is doing it’s job correctly! However what I find a bit puzzling is if I uninstall CIS through control panel, CIS own uninstall routine or a 3rd party uninstaller ie revo a confirmation box pops up are you sure you want to uninstall? SAS just ripped it apart no warning from CIS! I wonder if any malware could this also?

SAS can do this because it is a trusted application. Trusted applications are allowed to install drivers. A driver runs in the kernel and has total control over the system.

An unknown program is not allowed to do this. Malware should not be able to do this. If you find one that can please report it here.