CIS uninstall to require password

Hello to everyone,

I’d like some help if it’s possible, is there a way to protect CIS installation with a password ? When a user who is also administrator wants to uninstall CIS, the uninstaller to require the set password in CIS in the parental control.
Or maybe what file to block in HIPS blocked files, so the uninstall process can’t start?

Any ideas to protect CIS installation from users with administrator account would be much appreciated. Thanks.

Hi and welcome dan2001x,
This has been requested in the past as a wish and has never been implemented.

IMO, this could be an addition to the wish listed in the link below.

Kind regards.

You could create another user account with limited privileges.
Dennis2 had some interesting ideas here from my point of view.

Hmm… I don’t know, captainsticks. Even if the wish is implemented you could remove the password in Safe Mode.