CIS UI doesn't open from the system tray icon

Since yesterday’s night, I cannot open the COMODO Firewall’s UI, neither from the system tray icon nor from the desktop shortcut.

I have CIS version 5.0 (cfp.exe shows version 5.0.31556.1134). It worked perfectly, until yesterday. I’m not sure that it’s related, but the day before I modified the policy regarding AVG9 updater program, avgupd.exe. I did that because a few days ago, the nightly update of AVG failed, and I saw in Defense+ events that it blocked attempts by avgupd to access some other components of AVG. So I defined a custom policy for avgupd, and let it access system files and a few other allowances.

The next morning I couldn’t open the COMODO UI. AVG update happens at 3 AM, so it’s possible the update caused this.

I restarted the machine, but it didn’t help: the UI still won’t come up. And during the shutdown, Windows reported that cfp.exe is not responding and I needed to click “End Now”.

The firewall seems to be functioning properly: the Internet traffic seems unaffected. But I cannot see the events, whitelist new files, etc.

This is Windows XP SP2, in case that matters.

What can I do to resolve this problem?

Thanks in advance.

I saw no responses to your query? Have you any, or did you sort it out?

I’ve the exact same scenario (save perhaps, XP Professional, SP3)?!

Been using Comodo a long time, but unless I can sort this out … it might be time to move along?! Pity that, please update any news and I will as well.


No, I didn’t get any responses.

My “solution” was to uninstall COMODO completely, then re-install it with Defense+ disabled. That solved the problem. (While at that, also upgraded to AVG 2011, but without their firewall and with Identity Protection disabled.)

All’s working again now. Hope it will stay that way.

I have the same problem on 3 PC windows XP SP3 since I upgraded AVG 9 free at AVG 2011 free.
In one pc for the upgrade to AVG 2011 free I had to uninstall Comodo 5, next I installed again but
very often I cannot obtain the UI from the system tray and from the menu start too and on the
shutdown Windows cannot halt cfp.exe and next the shutdown it is very very slow.

It is very annoying.

Thanks in advance