CIS tray loads slowly

On my computer CIS tray loads after approximately 30-45 sec after Windows startup. Sound, network and action center icons load quick as usual. At this time if I open sandboxed browser before CIS tray loads then it’s not sandboxed. I fear that this might apply to firewall as well not only sandbox. Other antiviruses have option to load its services before others but my CIS behaves opposite. Is this normal?

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If you are not sure and want to test this easy way is to block a Not critical process that starts early in the boot cycle.

Please note it has to be non critical otherwise your computer will not boot.

If you are not sure how to do this please do not attempt this.


Edit Mine has starting doing this recently could be due to a recent Windows Update, though it loaded quick today.

Dennis I would gladly test but I don’t have a process which connects to internet (to test firewall) at winstrartup :slight_smile: and about windows update also not sure because my CIS is doing this since all during the version 8 release, don’t remember how it was with v7 but quite sure that v6 loaded quickly.

If it is just to test the firewall only that is not a problem, if you block critical processes in Hips or elsewhere can cause problems.

Just add rule screenshot and place at top with logging enable, do not forget to remove after though.


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