CIS Tray icon with flames

Every so often, one of my computers displays the CIS tray icon with flames attached to the left side of the shield.
There is nothing to suggest anything is wrong. There are no alert messages. There are no updates available (I don’t use the AV).

What does the change in icon mean?


It just means there’s traffic going on.

You can disable the animation in miscellaneous/Settings.

CIS is alerting you there is a program update. Go to Miscellaneous > Check for Updates to update to the latest version (v.3.10.102363.531)

I have the latest version 531. There are no updates available as I said. The icon is still there today. Again I checked for updates, did a diagnostic etc. Nothing.

And it has nothing to do with traffic - that’s completely different.


Can you provide a screenshot of your icon tray? As far as I know, the flames behind the shield could only mean an update is available. Other than that, I don’t know.

I know during very very slow startup of the system i have seen this before.
It’s some state of CIS guess initializing, before it’s switching the tray-icon to the shield only image.
There must be something wrong, can you disable all (AV/FW/D+) and reboot to see if it still happens ?

Do you have any other security software installed being real-time or on demand?

Today the tray icon is normal. Performing tests won’t work because it is normal now and the flames icon is so intermittent and unpredictable.

I’ll live with it, it only happens a few times a month.