CIS tray icon doesnt open the CIS window

as you may know whenever you click on the CIS tray icon it should open up the programs window but in my case it is not and if i right click on the icon the dropdown list to change my security level doesnt appear.the only thing that seems to be normal is when i hover my cursor over cis tray icon a balloon message appears that jus says comodo etc.the option to allow comodo to interact with the interface in services is enabled.the open thing that fixes this issue is to uninstall CIS and reinstall it but then the problem returns not even restarting the computer helps nor restarting using the latest version of CIS and im running it on winXP sp3 1 gb ram and a 1.6ghz processors

does anyone know how to fix this problem?a mod,dev,any one?

Sad i never get replies in these how am i going to get help?

Does right clicking work correctly with things other than Comodo?

Are you using an adapted Windows look such as can be had by Windows Blinds and other programs?

What version of CIS are you using? Does a clean install help when also using this clean up tool?