CIS tray icon behavior in Windows Seven >>> taskbar won't auto-hide anymore

yes, just a minor but still annoying bug in Windows Seven. Every time, after login in to Windows, I open CIS GUI and close it, I get the message again that it will remain accessible from the tray icon, etc…just as if it was a after a new install. More annoying is that my taskbar, set to auto-hide, refuses to hide after this, and I have to log out and back in to get the expected taskbar behavior again, and avoid opening CIS GUI as long as possible ;D
This is new, didn’t happen with the last version, so this concerns exclusively v.
Again, I’m running Windows Seven 64 bit.

update: activating “display baloon messages” sorts the issue. task bar auto-hides again without having to log out for that. Deactivating the balloons doesn’t bring the bug back. I thought that was related, bug’s still there but at least I can get rid of it during a session.