CIS Tray/Desktop Icon Colour/Shape Poll

Why is Comodo obsessed with red colour?

CIS 6 - GUI changed, security architecture changed, etc… but the trayicon, desktop icon, etc… remain unchanged i.e the same red icon. The red colour totally doesn’t go with the GUI.

Why dont they change it to green that goes with the GUI?

I read that they have changed the icon of Comodo Mobile Security & changed the colour too i.e its green now in version 2 that goes well with the new GUI.

Hope they make this change in CIS too.

Yee good point, but first let’s see what brings the next release tomorrow :wink:

Fingers Crossed :wink:

Yep ;D

I liked the shield they had.

yes hope they change it too would be cool :slight_smile:

I guess every security provider should have his colour. Kaspersky use green and white while Comodo use red. My laptop is red LOL! So it goes along well ;D

Edit: They should add more red in CIS 6 :slight_smile:

I know you use the avast 8 free and Cfw combo, I see you experienced some problem. Why do you don’t try full CIS suite? With the new release you should be safe :slight_smile:
I’m back to CIS and I must say…I’m happy more then ever, personally I’m tired to try different combination, in the last year I try more the 3 combo, and I never find any perfect, always I had either performance issue either compatibility problem!

Reminds me of CIS 3. Man what times.
Hmm that shield look so good, how perfect would be if this shield would be the new tray icon of CIS :-TU

To be honest with you naren I would also love a gray color instead of the current red one. :-La :-TU

Try full CIS? I’m using it :slight_smile: I got rid of Avast ages ago :slight_smile:

i think Comodo should stay with red and black since v5 … so only the GUI needs more red. For me that is typically Comodo! - other colors have the other vendors already.

CMS 2 new icon is good. But comodo in red on the top of the icon is not good. Attached is the screenshot.

[attachment deleted by admin]

This also looks good. Attached is the screenshot

[attachment deleted by admin]

They should make it red and white. stick with the comodo colors. I love the look of the silver shield, they should put red check mark instead of green. +1 I have always missed there shield shape.

You could add a poll but please if you do, add an ‘I don’t care’ option. :smiley:

BTW: The green animation would be hard to view on a green icon. :wink:

Well done! Then all is good. We are happy CIS users :■■■■

I’m agree with captainsticks you should add a poll to your wish. And if you also have suggestions, like shield shape, or simply changing the current color from red to gray like CMS, and add the last option: don’t care like captainsticks says, then the poll is ready for voting :-TU

How to add a poll?

Previously I have started a Poll few times but now I forgot how to add a poll.

I’m afraid you have to ask the help of a mod for that :wink: