CIS & Torrent

I use qbittorrent & latest CIS defaults.

Previously qbittorrent use to not work & had to forward ports in Comodo FW.

Now the new CIS defaults i.e everything on the system is considered safe before CIS install, qbittorrent was there on the system before CIS install so considered safe & guess therefore qbittorrent working fine with no need to forward ports in Comodo FW.
I like this as qbit working & no changes need in Comodo FW.

So is this fine like other programs or qbit being a torrent client, could be risky?

In CIS 7 I had to open the torrent port on global rules, I don’t know if in CIS 8 it’s the same (I just imported my settings from CIS 7).
Then, I’d suggest to add some firewall rules as specified here: