CIS to scan compressed files for malwares in realtime scanner

CIS latest version 3.8.xxxx.477 does not scan compressed files for malwares, it scans it when they are extracted to folder, but my point is that, it would be good idea to include scanning zip, rar and other compressed files in real time scanner for malwares because many malwares comes in compressed files only not all though,

CIS Dev. & Team please look into this suggestion Thanks alot in advance to all of you and thanks for giving us (users) best Product like CIS (:WAV)

I think Comodo uses ‘On Access’ technique… If the malware in zip tries to act… it will get caught. AFAIK, this technique is adopted to save RAM usage.

There really is no need because the malware can’t act from inside the archive. It needs to be accessed in order to act, which is when CIS grabs it.

HefeeD i know that but still it be good to include this option is CIS to scan archieve files in real-time scanner, Bcoz this feature is also given by top antivirus vendors like kaspersky, avast, antivir, eset nod, bitdefender, rising antivirus, and many others, so CIS can also add this feature in real time scanner, it can be unchecked by default if u want, so only those users who fill this feature will be great in real time scanner can checkmark it :■■■■ that will be brilliant the way i see.
Thanks for responding :comodo110: