cis + thunderbird 2.00.21 portable

Hello, I have the latests version of comodo Internet Security free edition, and i would like to use the thunderbird email client, actually i am making some experiences with thundervird portable because
it does not need to install on my pc, and in the middle of experiments, i don’t run the risk to broke down my windows registry file. So i prefer to work that way.
The problem is that i have 1 email account in the windows live that, when i open the program using my pen drive to run, the firewall alert gave me various options and in which one of them, i can select the option that seems to me the right one that’s treat this application as a email client, but when i try to access to that email account the thunderbird asks me the password for that account, and the firewall pop up cames again with various options, but this time without email client. i should said too that in booth times i never select the remember my selected option, because if i do so the firewall program stays confused with the rules.
I appreciate your help to solve me problem Eric if it’s possible.

Best regards