CIS The Strong defense and AV Comparatives

I was surprised that the antivirus component 94,8 % scores in the malware test of AV Comparatives, the score for in the wild malware was 100 %. So an score of 94,8 % is not best but how do they test and what samples are using. I have nothing with AV Comparatives i trust Comodo 100 % i have never an infection, no virus or spyware or other malware because i trust 100 % Comodo CIS.

AV Comparatives told us 94,8 % detection of their samples but who is fooling who. On the moment they test i run malwarebytes and it found nothing even an trace so what can we say the detection of Comodo was 100 % in the wild and 100%of widely spread malware. This is why i hate AV Comparatives wrong tests and wrong methods even many computer magazines doesn’t understand the concept ot CIS. Preventing thats what Comodo is doing and also an excellent detection so the discussion about AV Comparatives is not needed they do simply not know how Comodo is working. i also read in an article that IPS/IDS and HIPS are not needed it must be an joke i think also wrong security advice. The first defense is HIPS and some people doesn’t understand the power of HIPS so maybe an course of Comodo for those stupid people with their wrong securit advice.

CIS detection is very bad :‘( :’( …and that is a litle disappointing :frowning: :frowning: …that is the reason i dont use CIS anymore

Out of sheer curiosity. What kept you from using the Comodo firewall with an AV of choice? Various regulars do.

Thanks for the answer EricJH :slight_smile: :slight_smile: im using CF :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: with another AV…but it would be perfect if that av was comodo

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One thing needs to be made clear: AV is NOT the first line of defence, never will be except to those using default allow systems.
CIS will stop all unknowns before they can cause damage. And that is not by using any AV, but rather HIPS and sandbox. I have ever only seen 1 AV alert with CIS. All others were firewall, HIPS, sandbox. I have yet to get infected while using CIS.
AV-C proved with 100% 0-day pass mark.