CIS Tested in PC Magazine

Tell us how can you claim yourself as a “Computer Security Testing Group Comodo’s Hero” (even if it’s given by the number of posts made and don’t know what else…) if you act like that while most of us, regular computer users read such reviews and make our decisions also from what we read there and what our fellas tell us that they learn and experiences…

I wouldn’t care so much if you were a user here who sometimes make a post, but a group comodo’s hero shouldn’t be so dismissive just because of a negative review. You should’ve instead contacted the author and ask for a complete explanation about the objectives of those tests. At least then you could explain here that the author lied about it and it was a pure advertisement of norton and avg etc…

Just for you to know, I won’t run right now to all computers where I installed CIS to remove it after I read that review /as maybe some regular users would do :frowning: /, because I believe in this project, but I really expect more from an expert like you…


First of all, Kyle is an excellent helpful person here who is very active, Kyle and like everyone else has their own opinions that they are fully entitled to, As long as it doesn’t violate the forum policy then I see no problem with Kyle’s statement, He was only giving his vision, and that’s completely fine and his right to do so.

Second of all, He is not an expert. People with the avatar

are Comodo Staff and are experts in there specific category. Comodo Hero is a forum title you get when you reach 200 posts, It does NOT mean a user is an “Expert” or is expected to write like J.K Rowling. As for Computer Security Policy, It is a community based thing that users can ask and join to test Firewalls, discuss firewalls, leak tests, etc. Again, this is NOT an expertise.

Comodo have also contacted the author of PC Mag, And explained some things PC Mag missed on the review of cis, Like Proactive Security should of been activated, and a few other things that make a fair test, and in this case, PC Mag didn’t do a fair review, which is confirmed by Melih (CEO, Comodo) and other users.This forum is a friendly, safe place for everyone. We, (As Moderators, And as a community) accept any kind of feedback (As long as forum policy isn’t violated) that a user entitles there opinion too, and that is fine.


!ot! [i]although I’ve not tested IE8 beta I would feel uneasy to encourage anyone to wait for it hoping it will improve over its legacy.

Any user can choose his browser by himself but one of the reason most users still use IE is because it is bundled on each system and not really because they acknowledged its features.

As for IE itself it is not only an internet browser but also a core windows component deeply rooted in the OS itself.

The host OS itself (like Vista) can do much to improve the overall security of IE (and also of other browsers).

One of the major feature (and weakness) of IE is its support for activex which has progressively been tamed security-wise but effectively raise the potential vulnerability exposure compared to a barebone IE.

IE alone and IE+plugins are not the same thing security-wise although users updating system components (including activex that can be used by IE) can effectively reduce the risk.

Anyway IMHO IE require much more attention than other browsers and this aspect adds to the fact that most malware is targeted against IE due to its widespread userbase.[/i]!ot!
I cannot add further OT to this topic and I invite everybody who wish to continue this subthread to create a new topic. :P0l


thank you for explanation, but I don’t think if we play with words it will help more users. It was my opinion to Kyle’s post and if you didn’t like how I used the word ‘expert’ - it is of course in your right to reply and explain Kyle’s words.
Also I know this is a friendly place to debate about things, so this wasn’t fully understandable why you mentioned the forum policy, since none of us didn’t make any its violation.

But it still didn’t change my opinion that is described in my previous post that is clear and must add that I fully agree with Ben Hahlen in this case.

“Comodo have also contacted the author of PC Mag…”
Well, exactly this is what I expected to hear, no more comment is needed.

I hope also that some reviewers will do their job better because - as you know too - most users make their decision by these reviews too.