CIS Termination with task manager


i was using avira and immunet side by side. both cannot be terminated using task manager. now iam using cis with immunet for the last one month. the thing is with task manager its easy to terminate/ force stop the program from running further.
i tried many times with avira free, but cannot terminate with task manager.

is there any advantages/disadvantages by this?
pls explain.


Hi Yeshu,

What parts of CIS did you install?
In normal CIS install you should not be able to kill cmdagent.exe with taskmgr, unless you have explicitly added it to the protection exceptions.
If you install CAV (Anti-virus only, no FW & Defense+) then this might be possible, I didn’t try that setup.

sorry for late reply. i have installed CIS latest free version. the suite was working well. but it can be easily terminated using task manager. i tried this with many uninstall and install of CIS.
the same results. whereas in case of avira it cannot be terminated by task manager.

I verified this, it’s behavior seems to have changed over the latest versions.
It’s the trust on Microsoft signed/trusted app that is allowed to do, but malware should not be able to ‘use’ taskmgr to kill CIS so they don’t see this as a real-world issue.
It’s usability, you can use the tools that do what they are designed to do, but malware can’t/shouldn’t.