sorry if this is posted in wrong place but not sure.

when i use a public connection cis 5.9 ask’s me if i want to use trust connect.i click yes and it activates it but theres no icon or anything else telling me im using trust connect?is there something in cis that shows that im using trust connect?if not there should be something in cis that shows this.

The trust Connect in CIS seems to be only for the paid versions.

Have a look here;msg571154#msg571154

Quote from Radaghast :

Thank you egemen. Just to make sure it's absolutely clear:

If we have a free TC subscription, we can continue to use it, but only with the standalone TC application and not with the built-in version of TC in CIS 5.9. In the mean time you will try to find a way to allow us to use the free TC subscription, with the built-in version of TC?

im using cis 5.9 complete,i have the paid version.