CIS system scan hangs [RESOLVED]

Hello people,

I have a problem that keeps occurring since I changed from Zone Alarm to CIS. What happens is every time I run the system scan over night, the scan never finishes. It hangs at C:\SUPPORT\TOOLS\ for over 12 hours - when I wake up the next day it’s still at the 'C:\SUPPORT\TOOLS', and never completes the system scan.

This never happened with Zone Alarm and I was always able to scan the whole system over night. What this means now is that I have a system that is not fully scanned for virus.

Secondly, when I press the button to stop scanning, I get a confirmation box asking if I really want to stop the scan. If I select ‘yes’, nothing happens, it continues the scan until I shut down and restart windows.

Has anyone got an idea of what might be the problem?

Hi & welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

I can’t tell why it hangs in that folder, but a (temporary) solution would be to add the folder path to the CIS/CAV exclusions. Open CIS, go to Antivirus → Scanner Settings → Exclusions and add C:\SUPPORT\TOOLS\ in the box. Just browse for the path and when you’ve added it, it should look like C:\SUPPORT\TOOLS*

Please check back and tell us if you could scan successfully.


It’s Friday, and I scan the whole system over night to see if your suggestion works.
Again, is there a way of stopping the system scan other that pressing the ‘Stop Scanning’ button? Because even after pressing yes on the confirmation window that pops up, the scanning continues.

I don’t know of any workaround, however, you might want to try pausing the scanner before stopping. Pause, Stop, then confirm, and see if it still continues.


Thanks LeoniAquila, I have been able to sort out the issue with CIS hanging at C:\SUPPORT\TOOLS. What I did was uninstal re installed of a fresh copy of CIS.

Gave it a quick scan after the installation, it picked up a virus in the C:\SUPPORT\TOOLS\ which I quarantined. I’m not sure if I should remove it altogether as it might be needed by the system.

But everything now works perfectly- thanks guys for the cool software.

OK, glad to hear that. As for the quarantined file, feel free to post in the Virus/Malware Removal Assistance board.

I’ll mark this topic as resolved and lock it. In case anyone wish to get it opened again, please send a PM to any online moderator!