CIS suspends Synaptics TouchPad Driver during warning


I have a Dell Inspiron 9400 running XP Pro SP3, CIS 3.8.65951.477, db 1157. The Dell uses a Synaptics touchpad as the mouse, and it replaces the standard PS/2 mouse driver with its own, which allows scrolling, etc.

The problem is that even after adding SynTPEnh.exe (the driver) to the trusted applications, if I happen to be in scrolling mode when a CIS warning comes up, I get a warning dialog “SynTPEnh.exe is trying to modify the user interface of cfp.exe…” I’d like to be able to respond to the warning, but CIS evidently suspends the functionality of the module that caused it to issue the warning, so the touchpad, it’s “mouse keys,” and in fact the whole keyboard is disabled for about three minutes. When the warning dialog finally goes away, the touchpad functionality is restored, but not in time to respond to the warning, so it will happen more than once.

If I’m in the middle of a net meeting, etc., not being able to use the PC for three minutes is a disaster, so it would be nice if this one could get fixed.

Thanks, Ray P

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try putting D+ in training mode for a while.

Thanks, I’ll try it for a while and report back.

You may try to allow modifying the user interface generally (by “SynTPEnh.exe”), it worked like a charm for me ;D

Just change the policy of “SynTPEnh.exe” in the “computer security policy” (“Defence+” → “Advanced”).
If you choose the line with “…\SynTPEnh.exe”, and press the “Edit…” button, you can click at “access rights”. The only thing you have to do there is to allow windows messages.

(Before I found out that, I had to connect an USB-mouse as a workaround)
Hope it helps :smiley:

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