CIS Support for W2K

Is it true that Comodo will no longer offer products and support for Windows 2000?

I have been a ‘happy’ user of Comodo products for about 2 years, often making recommendations!
There are still a lot of users that run W2K and although Microsoft has given up on us, some of us still don’t care for XP! In fact, even the high-priced ‘Symantec’ has veered away from W2K support!

The ‘Comodo’ products have been excellent and I would be willing to PAY for their use, if I could be assured that W2K will remain supported!

I haven’t been to this area lately, but when I went to update my anti-virus it told me support would end on Nov. 30th. So I stopped by the main site and see that the anti-virus and firewall are being combined – which is ok since I use both now anyway.

But I see it’s only available for WinXP and Vista – and I am also using Win2k.

I can probably browse a few other topics, since my main concern is whether my firewall will still work, even if it’s not be updated? And I currently use both the Comodo anti-virus and the free AVG scan alternating between the two – but I’ve been using the Comodo products for a couple of years also and would also be willing to pay something for Win2k support. (:AGY)

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W2K is kinda old, and it may take lots more work for the devs to get CIS working for it. Although I think Comodo should still help W2K users out by supporting their OS…

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Support has been requested for various operating systems, and right now it’s unknown to if Comodo will be supporting OS’s, etc.


Do we know whether Comodo is working on this issue? What is the usual time frame for a response? Will the latest CIS function with W2K or is it ONLY XP/Vista? Will CPF 2.4 and CAV 2.0 Beta still receive updates?

It’s not an issue. It’s whether development is also focused on W2K. CFP 2.4 hasn’t had updates for a year, Same goes for CAV 2.0 Beta.

All development has stopped for CAV 2.0 Beta & CFP 2.4 due to CIS being out which includes the AV & FW. And CAV 2.0 Signature updates will stop on the 20th of November.

Sorry no news for W2K. Only Vista/XP.


Taken from Windows 2000 - Wikipedia
"Current status
Windows 2000 has now been superseded by newer Microsoft operating systems: Windows 2000 Server products by Windows Server 2003, and Windows 2000 Professional by Windows XP Professional.

The Windows 2000 family of operating systems moved from mainstream support to the extended support phase on 30 June 2005. Microsoft says that this marks the progression of Windows 2000 through the Windows lifecycle policy. Under mainstream support, Microsoft freely provides design changes if any, service packs and non-security related updates in addition to security updates, whereas in extended support, service packs are not provided and non-security updates require contacting the support personnel by e-mail or phone. Under the extended support phase, Microsoft continues to provide critical security updates every month for all components of Windows 2000 (including Internet Explorer 5.01 SP4) and paid per-incident support for technical issues. Because of Windows 2000’s age, Microsoft is not offering current components such as Internet Explorer 7 for it. They claim that IE 7 relies on security features designed only for Windows XP Service Pack 2 and Windows Vista, and thus porting to the Windows 2000 platform would be non-trivial.[94] Microsoft is strongly advising all users still running Windows 2000 Professional and Server to consider upgrading their operating systems to current operating systems for increased security. While users of Windows 2000 are eligible to receive the upgrade license for Windows Vista or Windows Server 2008, neither of these operating systems can directly perform an upgrade installation from Windows 2000; a clean installation must be performed on computers running Windows 2000.

All Windows 2000 support including security updates and security-related hotfixes will be terminated on 13 July 2010.[2][3]

Windows 2000 has received four full service packs and one rollup update package following SP4, which is the last service pack. These were: SP1 on 15 August 2000, SP2 on 16 May 2001, SP3 on 29 August 2002 and SP4 on 26 June 2003. Microsoft phased out all development of its Java Virtual Machine (JVM) from Windows 2000 in SP3. Internet Explorer 5.01 has also been upgraded to the corresponding service pack level.

Many Windows 2000 users were hoping for a fifth service pack, but Microsoft cancelled this project early in its development, and instead released Update Rollup 1 for SP4, a collection of all the security-related hotfixes and some other significant issues. The Update Rollup, however, does not include all non-security related hotfixes and is not subjected to the same extensive regression testing as a full service pack. Microsoft states that this update will meet customers’ needs better than a whole new service pack, and will still help Windows 2000 customers secure their PCs, reduce support costs, and support existing computer hardware.[95]

Although Windows 2000 is the last NT-based version of Microsoft Windows which does not include Windows Product Activation, Microsoft has introduced Windows Genuine Advantage for certain downloads and non-critical updates from the Download Center for Windows 2000."

Time to upgrade your OS, people.

Thanks for that info John.


You may want to wait for Windows 7, I hear it may be better (but Microsoft usually does that to make their latest OS seem great).

Windows 7 has the speed and reliability of XP combined with the userfriendly and eyecandy of Vista.

So I think it should rock :slight_smile:


Hope CIS will soon support windows 7 after windows beta verson released.
I use pdc version now,CIS can install on it,but the firewall no function.

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