CIS stops responding when quarantining threats

I also have a problem with CIS since it was upgraded to version 5.9

The problem is;
After each scan (Smart or Complete), when some infections (they are probably false positives, because CIS detects all the time, the files like index.dat etc. inside roaming folder, as rootkits) are found and when I try to send them into quarantine, CIS just stop to response. The, sending files to quarantine, window could not be closed (even with Task manager) and I need to reboot my computer to close that window.

My system is WIN 7 Ultimate SP 1 (64 bit).

Hello, I moved your post to a different board. Also, I was wondering if you could please provide some additional information so that we can better help you.

Did you have any previous security products installed? If so then which ones?

Also, do you have any other security products currently installed?

Also, when this happen is it always trying to quarantine the same file?


Can you please post a screenshot of the detection results?