CIS stops my Windows from booting

I am trying to install Comodo Internet Security on this laptop, and when installation completes and asks me to restart, Windows Vista will then get stuck at booting. (the menu that shows a loading bar, it just stays there no matter how long I wait)

Starting Windows in safe mode and uninstalling CIS allows me to boot Windows normally again. I can also install just the Comodo firewall without the problem occuring, so I assume the anti-virus is the source of the issue.

Note that the Windows is a fresh OS install, it came with Norton AV but I have removed it prior to installing CIS.

Is there any solution to my problem, or will I just need to use another AV program? I can provide any additional details if required.

Thanks in advance!

If you think it is the Antivirus part, set heuristic scanning/level to off, maybe this helps


Hello Pedro,

Are you running windows Vista 32/64 bit, what is the Vista version and Servicepack level ?
ANY ? other security software real-time or on demand does not matter.
Did you reboot after the uninstall from Norton AV ? and after that started the CIS installer ?

Can you find any errors in the windows eventlog specially the System log ?

Vista Home Premium, 32-bits. I did not have SP1 at the time of the install, but I have upgraded to it since then. (haven’t tried reinstalling CAV yet however)

I did NOT reboot after uninstalling Norton, I only rebooted after CIS was installed. Normally I would have assumed this to be the source of the problem, but I did the exact same thing on a very similar laptop (the only thing that’s different is the graphics card and the fact that SP1 was installed) and CIS worked fine. Regardless, I’m not saying this isn’t what causes the problem, so what would I have to do to eliminate this as a possible issue?

I tried taking a look at the eventlog but I’m not sure what I should be looking at. In any case, I’m going to try installing CAV again now that SP1 is running, to see if it changes anything.

Same (or very similar) problem here.

Windows Vista Business 32bit, SP1

Tried to install Comodo Internet Security, and on reboot after the installation I got the same result, Windows hanging indefinitely on the loading bar.

Going back to the last known good configuration lets me start up Vista successfully and it left me with Comodo installed, but with a System status of: “Comodo IS is being initialized… Please wait…”

After some time I got the following result:

“The Defense+ is not functioning properly!
Please run diagnostics…”

Running diagnostics asks me to restart after it fixes something and it gets me back where I was, Windows not booting up, but hanging on the loading bar.

Looking at the event logs, it seems to me that when starting up, Windows doesn’t even get to the point of starting the event logger when it just hangs there with the loading bar.

I’ve found 2 of these Warning entries in the event log that are logged before restarting after the installation of CIS:

“Windows detected your registry file is still in use by other applications or services. The file will be unloaded now. The applications or services that hold your registry file may not function properly afterwards.”

Note that this might have nothing to do with this specific situation as I’ve found other, unrelated occurrences of the same entry.

My first question is, is there a way to disable Defense+, but leave the Firewall and the AV running?

I am a newbie to CIS, so any help is appreciated!

I really don’t want to go back and reinstall ZoneAlarm and AVG…

Ok, now I know how to disable Defense+ and that solves the boot up issue for me.

Does disabling Defense+ have any effect on the Firewall and AV components of CIS?

Geez, I was too early :frowning:

Even after a restart with Defense+ set to inactive, System status still reports (after several minutes of initializing) “The Defense+ is not functioning properly! Please run diag…”

So my question still stands, can I rely on CIS in this state, or should I uninstall it completely?

Btw, I’ve installed it on a clean system, after a clean restart, with all internet connections disconnected.

As far as I know Defense+ isn’t causing the problem for me, as it’s running at the moment along with the firewall.

Anyway, I tried installing the anti-virus now with SP1 but no luck yet. My brother also just told me he had tried installing CIS on windows XP SP3, prior to me formatting the computer and installing Vista, and it had the exact same problem. Is it possible that there is an hardware conflict? (not sure what CIS is supposed to be doing while Windows is loading)

I am considering just using the COMODO firewall and Defense+ and using something else as anti-virus. I just got the Avira AV free edition up and running and it seems to work just fine, how does it compare to COMODO anti-virus? Yes, I know the answers are likely to be biased around here! :wink:

There seems to be some sort of blocking issue. Cis installs a few drivers and it looks like something goes wrong there… Have you tried to boot in SOS mode and see if you can see what’s the latest driver loaded before it seems to freeze ?

Is there any other security software installed on that system ?

Avira has good ratings here, CIS AV is still growing and getting better everyday but Melih stated he would need 12 months to become in the top list of AV’s :wink:

I reported a similar problem here: only mine hung on “Loading Personal Settings” rather that at boot time. I finally installed just the Firewall part of CIS and use Avira antivir fro my anti virus.

My first guess would be Defense+

Is someone willing to try the following ?
Install CIS, before reboot start the GUI and go to Defense+, advanced, Defense+ settings and set it to "disable defense+ permanently ?

Now reboot and see if it boots fine ?

I have the same problem on my brother’s pc, after installing CIS on a clean system, CIS hangs at boot up…

I have a hunch it has to do with the following: When installing CIS in vista you get the question like this: Trust drivers of comodo or something similar… and if you choose no, CIS does not install good and you get a hang when booting…

I consider this a bug in CIS…

Yes that should not happen, I’ll see if i can test this…

I’ve tried several things, fiddling with autoruns, uninstall-reinstall, disabling Defense+, nothing seems to work. I guess there must be something on my laptop that just cannot coexist with CIS.

There is one thing left I can try. I will install CIS on my laptop after a clean Vista reinstall which I wanted to do for some time now anyway. If that’s successful then I’ll add all my drivers and apps one by one, so at least I can nail down what’s causing the problem.

Out of the three computers I have here I have problems only with this one regarding CIS, so I want to give it a chance :slight_smile:

That would be very helpful, troubleshooting these problems on the forum is not very easy…

I’ve tried to reproduce this on VMWare - Vista x32, SP1, Enterprise, clean install, fully patched, and CIS 3.8.x.477 used and that does not fail.
You can install, you can “do not install” on the driver, once rebooted you get tray icon white with the red circle/dash trough it, you run diagnostics, if finds problems, you chose “install” now for the driver and after that it tells you to reboot, and it runs normally.

Can you reproduce this ?

Let’s see… It is worth trying. I shall try what you suggested and I wil post my feedback as soon as I have acces to my brother’s pc.