CIS stops\hangs in weekly scan at 65%

On my new customers computer Win7 64bit AMD quad-core 4Gb mem CIS stopped\hangs at 65% in first weekly scan. After 4hrs customer stopped waiting and closed the computer.

I think this has to do with the standard setting scanning files 40Mb. This was once 20Mb, why did this double?

Hi Eljo,

Could you please follow this procedure here to determine which file(s) could cause this? How to determine which file is causing a manual scan to hang

Sorry but, No can do.

This is a customer computer and I can’t do testing on a customer computer. The customer wants it to work in a short time, not testing and downloading and occupying his computer.

Then it will be hard to trace, there are two known situations that can cause this to my knowledge.

  1. it hangs on a file or series of files.
  2. cmdagent crashed and GUI gives the illusion that it’s scanning endlessly because the GUI isn’t updated with new data.

If it happens again could you verify if cmdagent.exe is still running as a service?

It doubled because the malware labs were seeing more malware larger than 20MB.