CIS stopping Battlefield 3 launching

Hi, have this strange problem. My Battlefield 3 stopped working with the last origin update. When I launch BF3 from origin with comodo installed I get an error about the time it opens the internet browser to launch the battlelog. My friend doesn’t’ have this problem. I’ve just done a reformat and sure enough still have the problem! Only way to fix it is uninstall comodo. I’ve tried turning everything off in comodo but it still won’t work I have to physically uninstall comodo to play BF3! I would like to leave comodo on. Anyone have any ideas?

Wat? ._. Physically… how?

Well you could try adding it to trusted files.
Open CIS > Defense+ > Trusted Files > Add > Browse Files > Locate BF3.

I’ve just ran through all the defense options turning them off, disabling the defence+ under settings which required a reboot fixes the problem. I’ll try adding origin and BF3 to safe files now and try that I think I already did but I’ll check again.

Windows 7, 32 bit.

Just looked and both Origin and BF3 are in trusted files of defence+

What is the error you get? What exactly happens? Have you changed so that you get notified instead of having it on auto-pilot?

I get Battlefield 3 failed to launch. That’s usually when it would open internet browser to launch battlelog. I’ve just turned defence+ off for now and it works okay so I’m just using firewall. Not sure whats going on.

In Defense+ Please make sure you’ve also added your browser to trusted files.

Try these in Defense+ general settings to see if it works (TEMPORARILY of course, afterwards you can change to your own settings):

-Any level (I’m using Paranoid)
-untick “Block all unknown requests if the application is closed”
-untick “Enable adaptive mode under low system resources”
-untick “Deactivate the Defense+ permanently”
-tick "Create rules for safe application"´
-untick “Do not show popup alerts”
-tick “Enable enhanced protection mode”

These are the settings I use and they work just fine, try them temporarily and if it works. You can try activating and deactivating features while also trying to launch BF3 to see what option is giving you trouble, if it doesn’t work then you can set back to your preferred settings and we’ll try something else.

Please read through this topic and see if anything helps.


Tried this Sanya, no luck unfortunately. Tried unticking all options in defense + but no go.

Try following the post above yours. I’m out of ideas, I’m just a simple user just like you. ^-^‘’