CIS stop uploading documents files to cloud

I recently found that all .txt .doc .pdf etc were being uploaded to cloud and when searched forum found this plz vote so that comodo stops uploading such files which are private and can cause privacy loss if in wrong hands

if you read through the link you posted it says the problem has been fixed and also read the title [Merged]CIS Auto Submitted Confidential PDF Files to Comodo[Fixed in Build 1236]

You can clearly see that its not fixed its even uploading
in version 5.8 beta
if this is a bug in 5.8 then fix it otherwise its my wishlist
Screenshots below

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Have you submitted them manually? Because CIS was AUTOMATICALLY submitting such files before and it was a bug. However if a user manually submits a file to us, we do not enforce him because sometimes there are false positive reports with scripts etc.

LEt me know which one.

No i Did not Submit them manually
I just downloaded and installed CIS updated it and did a full scan and when checked the submitted filelist i found them uploaded

CIS settings were as follows
Antivirus - OnAccess / Heuristics High / All options enabled / Recycle bin (Removed from exclusion)
Firewall - Safe Mode / Default settings
Defence+ - Safe Mode / Default settings
Sandbox - Enabled

Screenshots attached

If I am missing any detail please let me know
Rest all working fine still now

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Thanks. Can you also share the scan results? Is any of these uploaded files detected by AV during the full scan?

These are the files detected during full scan (Files have also been submitted to comodo)

Packed.Win32.MPEC.Gen@2oey7k D:\Throttle_6.8.15.2011\Lz0\Keygen.exe

Malware@#26pohaenxs8tk D:\Throttle_6.8.15.2011\Lz0\Patch.exe

Anything else i am missing plz let know



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No document found by the scanner.
So, that’s really bug.
User needs to be asked if to upload or no document files (.doc;.pdf) with yes/no popup message.
Your AV heuristics are set to high. Do you did this change? Lower it. Maybe your documents was only suspicious and was sent to Comodo for testing, because it was set to be aggresive.

Yea sure the files which were submitted were not that important so no harm done
But could cause future concerns
I also encrypted and Folder locked my rest of the digital data
So don’t know if other files are still being submitted

these are the virus total links of the 3 files that were submitted

All the above files seem to be clean
Thanks a lot hope this helps

These are the tree files which were sent

Only for use and research to comodo team in order to fix bug if exists in 5.8
other users please don’t download since it may contain malcious code

Virus total verdicts files as clean

Thanks hope this helps

Edit by EricJH: I removed attachment. It is not allowed to post possible malware in the public part of the boards