CIS steals focus in Game mode - full screen games are minimised [286]

It should be fixed with the latest Comodo Internet Security 5.3.174622.1216. You can try installing it now or wait a week for it to come on the updater.

Notice that the fix is not mentioned in the change logs which are not complete. The fix was however in the change logs of the three test versions us mods got to play with.

I am using 5.3.174622.1216 and it is still happening. I leave procexp running all the time, and I see a spike on the IO graphs made by cpfupdat.exe whenever it happens.

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This is still a not fixed in version 5.3.175888.1227. :frowning:

Still not fixed in 5.3.176757.1236

Very annoying for people who consume media on their computer :stuck_out_tongue:

i too have this problem a reinstall does not solve the problem

I confirm the problem is still not solved. It occurs when the Commodo updater adds a notification icon in the system tray (see attached picture). I suspect that it is not just a focus grabbing problem. Actually, the entire windows taskbar becomes visible above my topmost fullscreen TV application when the Commodo updater notifies itself, and everybody knows that nothing should appear visible in front of a topmost (“always on top” or “always visible”) application unless it has the Windows “topmost” style too. I must say i’d really be blown away if this problem were not a Commodo specific issue. It only seems to be a minor bug, and every Windows programmer (and that’s what i am) knows what WS_EX_TOPMOST means.

As a workaround, people should try to toggle, if the option is available, the “always on top” / “always visible” feature on, in the application disturbed by the Commodo updater.

On the attached picture, it is perfectly clear that a second Commodo system tray icon has appeared on the left. The icon remains there 2 or 3 seconds before it disappears.

Also, all i have read about D3D fullscreen games minimized in the taskbar made me glad because it means other people have the same problem i have. When this happens, this intermittent Commodo updater icon is right there again in the system tray and then quickly disappears. It is perfectly obvious to me, that this is exactly the same problem; maybe a side effect.

Thank you very much for reading, and even more for solving.

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let me give you another example (please open attached image and then read the following explanations) :

This morning, i started Windows XP, and then the BitTorrent application. I was checking some statistics out on the screen when i saw the application loosing the focus.

From this moment, all that follows happens very quickly, in a brief amount of time.

Since i noticed the BitTorrent had lost focus, i suspected what was going on. “The Comodo update utility”, i thought. So, I rapidly glanced at the system tray, and guess what, … I was quite right, the icon what there. Well, at this point, i wanted to make a screen shot with a tool tip bubble pointing out what this icon was really about. I had to be very quick because the icon was probably about to disappear. So the fastest i could, i hovered the mouse cursor on this leftmost icon. I couldn’t describe how i felt when i saw the tool tip appearing on the screen … good … But that was not over, i still had to press the “print screen” key on my keyboard. Would I have enough time to do this ? … Hell yeah … actually the icon disappeared at roughly the same time i pressed the key, but fortunately after the screen had been captured.

On the tool tip, you can read, after i translated from French (hum … yes … i’m French), “CIS Premium - Update Utility”. Unfortunately, the mouse cursor isn’t visible, because it is automatically discarded by the “screen shot” feature, but i guess it’s not the point. You can also notice that the BitTorrent’s transport bar is not highlighted anymore, which means it doesn’t have the focus. Be sure i didn’t touch anything before the focus has been lost.

I must also say that yesterday, i deactivated the automatic update option in CIS->More->Preferences->Update as well as the “Comodo message center” option in CIS->More->Preferences->General, but it didn’t prevent what i’ve just described to happen this morning.

Thank you for giving some feedback about this issue.

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I have this exact problem with CIS 5.3.181415.1237 (can we get CTRL-C capability with these long version numbers?).

I’m not too keen on disabling auto update on security mechanisms or manually updating eight computers.

I too created an account just for this issue.
I don’t see why the updater has to bring up the taskbar icon, or even start a separate process.
Why can’t the update command just be run from within Comodo itself (cfp.exe), and therefore it can be in the background.

I created an account solely for this issue. I lose focus multiple times a day due to the Updater stealing focus. My version is 5.4.189068.1354

I got rid of AVG because of the annoying upgrade popups, this is getting to be almost as bad.

Please please fix this issue. I’ve been waiting since October for a fix to this.

I agree. This has happened to me several times while playing D3D games and it kills the round I was playing 98.9% of the time. Sometimes I’m lucky and can re-maximize the game and not have it crash, but that’s very rare.


I also don’t understand why we even have a separate icon when program updates are available. What’s wrong with displaying the balloon tip on the original icon or changing the icon itself?

Really annoying stuff.

When is this problem going to ■■■■ well be fixed??

To say that I am angry that I have had to put up with this issue for at least the last couple of years that I have been using Comodo is an understatement.

Nothing is more annoying than watching a movie full screen in Media Player Classic and then having it minimise and lose focus to Comodo’s bloody auto update service. With games it’s even worse. You’ll be in the middle of something and it will minimize and often crash when trying to maximize again. I would like to keep the auto update service on but isn’t there a way that this doesn’t have to interfere with the rest of the ■■■■ computer? I build PC’s for family and friends and recommend and install Comodo for them, yet they’ll always come back to me about the same issues.

Yeah I’m mad and I’m sick and tired, but at the end of the day Comodo is the only Internet Security Suite I trust. Please don’t take my loyalty for granted!!

As a workaround you can disable the AV updater and the program updater.

I too have been keeping up with this “feature” for quite a while (it’s been consistent for at least an year so it surely can’t be a bug anymore ¬¬) and I too long for a fix.

I’ve started toying with a few alternatives in this past few weeks and I can attest NONE have this feature as Comodo does. I still like Comodo better, but as my media consumption on my computer increases I am feeling more and more inclined to jumping the boat since it ruins my movies/series.

Also, disabling the updater should NEVER be advised as a workaround… EVER! What good would be an anti-virus that can’t update it’s definitions? I would rather install an alternative package if that is what it takes to get a workaround going.

Also mind you, I am not raging or anything. I acknowledge this is a free product and thus your obligations to us consumers are not the same if it was a paid product. But as someone already said, do not take our loyalty for granted.

The av will still have the cloud alerting when something is malware when the local av definitions don’t.

Hum … could someone tell wether the not free versions of CIS have the same bug or not ?