CIS steals focus in Game mode - full screen games are minimised [286]

I can’t believe I had to register just to read this sorry excuse for a thread. I was annoyed at just how annoying AVG was, so I went looking for something else. I installed this onto my HTPC as a test run. I was very impressed with just how much it is able to do in general.

But then it started losing focus. Does not matter what software is running, it will steal its focus, from flash videos in various browsers to games, and even MPC which straight up tells me that “focus was lost to Comodo Internet Security Updater”. So you cannot use your “it’s a well known system problem” excuse, since it is clearly your software causing it to happen. I have never seen it happen before in any circumstances on any computers.

It also causes videos that are being watched to ■■■■/lag whatever sometimes.

Until these problems are fixed I simply cannot use your software since fullscreen applications are very important. I was going to also put it on everyone I know’s computers since I build computers/fix them sometimes and recommend software to people all the time. All of my friends also play PC games as well so this would be just as much of a barrier to them as to me.

so… how we doing on a fix?

At least a moderator (mouse1) knows about this, but I don’t know if it is enough. Is there a better way to channel this bug report to the developers? Are they aware of this?
In my opinion, this bug should not be so hard to fix, but than again, I am no programmer :slight_smile:
Will (and also others) be glad, to receive some kind of info. Thanks :P0l

Hi mad,
You may try to Register in Comodo Support & Submit a Ticket

My regards

Long time user of Comodo but yes very much considering giving this version the flick 88)

I cannot play games it minimizes every 30 mins to 1 hr web browsers go out of focus, OS pages too, also the file that seems to the issue in my case is cmdagent.exe connecting to say 50 web addresses or 50 connections to one address (what do firewalls need this for)…
i’ve disabled sandbox and D+ and even updating still this annoying thing minimizes everything… Please fix it meanwhile i’m going back to v.4

thanks i think.

The devs are aware of this and to mods are tracking its resolution in Bugzilla

Thank you very much for your help and information mouse1. :-TU

So as a temporary workaround, is it a good idea to switch to gaming mode while watching full-screen videos?
Also @ mr_bubbles_34
“It’s gotten to the point where it does it often enough that my mouse will lose position in mid-highlight when I’m trying to highlight a block of text (code, in most circumstances – annoying) and then I’m forced to re-highlight.”
This happens when I use a usb optical mouse but not while using laptop’s track-pad -odd.

Game mode did not work for me. My game still lost focus and was minimized.

I created a login just to post about this as well. Very very annoying. I have cis5 on my htpc and MPC will lose focus once or twice a movie to cmdupdater (I think. Could be cmdagent). I’ve tried all the settings and nothing helps. Except for this, I love your software. Unfortunately, this is a huge problem. Cis5 also steals focus on all the other machines i have it installed on. And does interrupt day to day use. I’ll lose half sentences while typing. Irritating, but tolerable. It’s when you lose full screen in the middle of the movie with a bunch of friends over that I get steamed. It’s definitely CIS that’s doing it. When I uninstall CIS, the problem goes away. Install it and it’s back. Not to mention MPC actually saying “lost focus to cmd…”.

It has nothing to do with the “App. is not working correctly, but does not seem to be s/boxed.” thread, I poked around there.

I’d also like to know where the bugzilla entry is so I can monitor the work being done. Or not, as it looks like considering how long this problem has been around. Yes, that’s a bit snarky and I’m sorry, but I see posts from ages ago complaining about this and all the responses are deflections. Other than notifying me that it found a virus, cis should never take the focus.

This is on XPsp3. I’d give more details on it, but all you have to do is watch a movie or two with MPC and you’ll see it happen.

Win 7 x64 7600
CIS 5.0.163652.1142
CIS check for updates activated

i just confirmed that ‘COMODO Internet Security Premium - Updater’ is stealing application focus. apparently this can happen with any application as i’ve had it happen with FF, games (where a game running in full-screen will minimize to the taskbar), a text file editor, email client and probably other apps.

i saw 2 other topics on this, both abandoned apparently

i suspected another process was stealing focus so i wrote an AutoIt script (source included) to monitor a designated application and report what process/window it lost focus to. in this instance i was monitoring ‘hl2.exe’ for the game Counter-Strike Source. here is the relevant data from my log file:

DATE: 12-12-2010 TIME: 20:14:35
MONITORING WINDOW: Counter-Strike Source

ACTIVE WINDOW TITLE = COMODO Internet Security Premium - Updater

===== [s]ALL[/s] //relevant only// WINDOW TITLES/HANDLES FOLLOW =====

  Title = Virus Database Update
  Handle = 0x000101BC
  Title = COMODO Internet Security Premium - Updater
  Handle = 0x006802F6
  Title = PopupSyncId5
  Handle = 0x000101B4
  Title = Defense+ Alert
  Handle = 0x000101CC
  Title = Defense+ Alert
  Handle = 0x000101CE
  Title = Antivirus Alert
  Handle = 0x000101D0
  Title = Defense+ Alert
  Handle = 0x000101C4
  Title = Antivirus
  Handle = 0x000101C2
  Title = PopupSyncId1
  Handle = 0x000101A2
  Title = PopupSyncId2
  Handle = 0x000101A6
  Title = Antivirus
  Handle = 0x000101C0
  Title = PopupSyncId0
  Handle = 0x000101A0
  Title = PopupSyncId6
  Handle = 0x000101B6
  Title = PopupSyncId4
  Handle = 0x000101AE
  Title = PopupSyncId3
  Handle = 0x000101A8

don’t know the reason for the Defence+ Alert or Antivirus Alert instances - there were no alerts and D+ is disabled.

relevant process that were running at the time:


the full log file is attached

[attachment deleted by admin]

This issue appears to me to be the same as one already on file. Accordingly, I will merge them, if that’s OK. You can locate the merged report by follwing the link in the email notification.

If you don’t agree please PM any active mod with your reasons and they will unmerge the issue.

Many thanks


sorry - i honestly didn’t do allot of looking for similar topics, though the only other 2 i found were abandoned

my issue is the same, i agree, other than i’ve found this to be an issue with seemingly any application, not just full screen games

Just to be clear the problem is still here using the “game mode” of Comodo Internet Security Premium 5.0.163652.1142 … And a “Game mode” isn’t what we need (it is also un-focusing simple fullscreen app like firefox, etc): what we need is a fix over the root cause -an unneeded and trouble making focus asked by Comodo background tasks- not to enable some -non working- function to try preventing the consequences…

I 'm starting more and more to consider removing Comodo each time it is un-focusing my COD multiplayer match, not that I want to sound ungrateful over your free app, but I am a bit surprised that a bug introduced in recent versions take ages to be reversed, and that I have to cope with such an annoying bug for months.

Please fix it! Thank you in advance.

@sensi - until they fix it you can just disable automatic update checking. if you still have a problem, you could use the little application i made linked to in a post above.

Disabling update checks does not solve the problem. CIS still steals focus.

it does in my case

Also try disabling the automatic program updater. Setting can be found under More → Preferences.

I will try your temp fix, thank you.

Comodo is a brilliant package, especially considering that the full version without extra support is 100% free, so we’re not really in a position to complain, although this problem is extremely annoying to the extent that I’m considering using an alternative security package which would be a great shame.

I am however sorry, but saying that this is an ongoing problem with all anti-virus / security software is complete rubbish. I have worked in PC technical support for many years and I have never ever had this problem except with Comodo. I’ve used numerous different packages over the years including more recently NOD, Kaspersky, DriveSentry, AVG, Avast, Panda Cloud and MANY more. Incidentally I’m experiencing the problem with Windows 7 64 Bit and it can happen at any time in any full screen application or game without notice, obviously everything was perfectly fine before I installed Comodo (I was using NOD).

It is certainly a bug in Comodo and ONLY in Comodo that simply needs to be addressed. Turning off all security while playing games or other full screen applications where one doesn’t want to be interrupted is not a reasonable solution or workaround as it’s therefore pointless having the software as you’ll be 100% open to the risk of malware and hacking attack Etc. It’s almost as bad as telling someone to de-install the software and not use it.

Anyway - I will investigate this intermittent problem and will update if / when I resolve it fully, although since the problem only occurs on average once every hour or two it could take a while to investigate.