CIS slows down ArmA 3

While ArmA 3 is not the best optimized game in the world, I managed to do some tweaks and can now run it in multiplayer at a stable 30-60 fps, depending on the server of course.
What I noticed though, Comodo slows the game slightly.
And yes I checked it without CIS installed, on the standard W8.1 antivirus by M$.

At first I though it was a problem with HIPS, showing trillions of messages in the log, but modifying the HIPS rule Interprocess Memory Accesses to allow the game fixed that.

Now I still have a slight delay, something with the resources transfer memory I think, it’s most visible when using my sniper rifles scope, changing the view mode from “normal” to infrared, zooming in and switching back to my soldiers eyes.
There’s like a 2 second freeze frame, of the scope going down, the screen turning from infrared back to normal.
It’s rather annoying during fights.

Checked the logs, they say nothing about the game’s process doing something in the memory CIS would dislike…

I’ve added ArmA3.exe as Allowed App wherever I could.

You should enable Game Mode option

Well I’ll be ■■■■■■, it worked! Thanks man!

You’re welcome :slight_smile:

Would it be possible for Gaming Mode to initiate automagically or in specific user-defined cases?

For instance, Process Lasso that I use on my system alongside Comodo has a similar mode, while it obviously works differently since it’s a different kind of a utility, it works great on it’s own with every game I run through Steam.

I would be okay with a separate menu for that so that I could choose which games should run in Gaming Mode, of course adding a check for “changes since last use” the would be nice too, just to be sure. :wink:

I mean I know it’s not the most important feature for an antivirus but it would make it more user friendly :slight_smile:

EDIT: guess the Wishlist section of the board is for that…

Comodo does not provide the Advanced Settings For the option games mode , just enable \disable.
games Mode smart,only available in kaspersky. You can put the rule in Defense + and give privileges to all your games
For myself, I like the ArmA 3 game I tested the running game inside the Sandbox and works well, but can not save the game work ;D

Did you install the game on your system and then sandbox it? Then you can add the folder with game saves to the exclusions in the ‘Do not virtualize access to the specified files/folders’ setting.