CIS slowing down Windows XP's startup

Hello everybody,

I am using Comodo Internet Security Premium (CIS) (free version) and Windows XP Media Center 2002 SP 3 (based on XP Pro), and I notice that it takes a long time to start (Windows is always finishing its boot once the red Comodo icon appears in the systray).

Is it possible to change something in the settings in order to accelerate Windows’ boot ?

Besides that point, I am very pleased with CIS !

Thanks in advance for your help.

In my experience, latency in GUI initialization is just the way things are with WinXP platformed systems; it taks a long time for CIS post v5 to initialize on WinXP systems. My recommendation is to avoid doing anything with the system until System Idle Process - Ctrl Alt Esc, process tab, processes sorted by CPU time decending - remains at the top of the heap. Until that occurs your fighting against CIS and you’ll only compound that if alerts crop up before its completed initialization.

Moreover, strive to perform as many modification to configuration, i.e., HIPS D+, Firewall, settings in one operation as is possible. Every time CIS is told to ‘remember this’ or a configuration change is made, it’ll go away for minutes. That could foreseeable become onerous if many alerts are stacked in queue. Unless you know an alert is a one-off, its best to leave the ‘remember this’ unchecked, and create necessary rules in Firewall AND D+ manually in one fell swoop. The one thing I like about v7.x is that one can switch between D+ and Firewall rules BEFORE updating the configuration; in v5.x you had to SAVE changes to D+ before changing to the Firewall tab and make changes there.

I’ve found that by working with the CIS History log, and toggling between it and D+ / Firewall configuration GUI, I can set rules for any arbitrary app rather quickly and only incur the update penalty once.

Pain in the neck for sure; but that’s just the nature of the beast.