CIS Slow update

When i update my CIS it takes 99 % CPU and it update slow. It dowload stuff that are 30 kb and it take about 10 min to update it. And my internet connetion is connected for 110 -120 kb per second. So is this a bug? Please help me :slight_smile:

what is happening at the 99% is that it is already done downloading, it has to integrate the new signs in with the old ones, and the speed at which it does that depends on how fast your computer is.

ok my comp is not so fast but it can take it and i dowloade update before but these 2 day (today, yesterday) itโ€™s seems that it takes a wile to update.

Now i see that even when itโ€™s not updating it take 90-99 % CPU. and this happen when i start the computre. now im running Malwarebytes PRO and CIS, and there should not be any prob between them