CIS Slow Boot-time Issue

I apologize if this has been posted before, but recently I noticed that my computer wouldn’t start up as quickly as it used to. Now, my computer is around 2.5 years old, and is no slouch so this sudden increase in Window’s desktop load time intrigued me.

To get to the gist of it: After some inspecting I noticed there were 2 instances of cpf to run at startup in msconfig; 1 for the firewall and one for internet security. On it’s own this is not an issue, but since I chose to install only the Firewall Windows was spending time searching for an executable that doesn’t exist!

After which I removed the internet security run registry value and all was back to normal. If you feel uncomfortable editing the registry going into msconfig and disabling the startup there will work too.

The reason I’m bringing this up is because my installation of Comodo Firewall Pro (and only Comodo Firewall Pro) is pretty old, and there should be no reason for me to have a startup key value for Internet Security unless it was recently patched in an update. If that is the reason I implore Comodo to please leave this out in further updates for so I don’t have to do this again. :wink: