CIS Silent protection

CIS should appeal to a broad spectrum of users interested in safeguarding their computer from malware. The spectrum would include at one end, “novice” users (desire to be protected without any configuration decisions, interaction or alerts - no worry, install and forget) to the other end, “geek” users (desire to have total control over configuration, intrusions and how they are to be handled - install and continually worry and tinker). In the middle of the spectrum would be Hybrid users, flanked by hybrid-lite and hybrid heavy users, depending on how much or little interaction they desire or are capable of understanding.
e.g. In V6, the GUI with the highly visible box in the GUI to drag files into, pushes CIS further towards the “Geek” end of the spectrum. This is overkill. A user with the knowledge and desire to scan a specific file or folder only needs to right click and utilize the “scan with Comodo AV” from the content menu. This space on the GUI could better serve to show that CIS is ACTIVE and a summary overview of what it has accomplished (as in previous versions)
The initial install of CIS would automatically run CCE, eliminate malware, and use default setting for continued maximum and AUTOMATIC protection, including automatic sandboxing and no pop-up alerts. An included advanced setting interface would first warn that “tinkering may actually reduce protection”. A rest button, for those who carelessly “tinkered”, would restore the default settings.
The intended concept of “default-deny” protection (administered and maintained by the very knowledgeable Comodo developers and the automatic submission of unknown executables) is diminished by allowing novice users to override this protection through adjustment of settings and incorrect selection of actions in pop-ups.
I consider myself, on the spectrum defined above, to be a “hybrid” user (yes, a little knowledge is dangerous!), but I have installed and set up CIS for a few “novice” friends, who only want to use their computers for actual work, with no tinkering. I adjusted settings to what I consider maximum protection, disabled pop-ups, no tray icon etc, with the intent of almost totally restricting user interaction and allowing silent default-deny protection…and told them to put heir faith in CIS to do it’s stuff and silently and unobtrusively protect their computer. After several months, I have had no complaints.
With total respect for a great and evolving product, I hope I my naive input is constructive in the future of CIS as a broad spectrum protection solution.

You can get the pop ups to decrease. when an auto-sandbox alert appears. you can check the box. don’t show this message again. You can also have Defense+ automaically block or allow requests so the user is not alerted. i would still recommend the warning message that a virus was found and automaitcally quarantined.

CIS 6 which is in beta phase is a silent protection & I find it comfortable for average users.

CIS 6 gives no popups at all at stock settings. Only 1 popup Elevated Rights popup is there which is easy to reply with the default action being sandbox. Due to an excellent local whitelist & cloud whitelist this popup will not appear much, especially for average users.

Thanks. That is in line with what i was asking and hoping would be included: default settings that do not require decisions from average users. I have not previously recommended CIS to average users because they just do not have the knowledge (or desire) to make decisions on correct settings and choices required by pop-ups. If I understand, CIS 6 will default on set-up to average user ability and still provide Comodo’s unparalleled multi tiered default-deny protection and trends towards “install and forget”. Great news!