CIS should come with first big antivirus update of 90mb approx.

CIS best in internet sercirty but there is 1 big problem, its first virus database update after installing is of 90 mb or more which takes around 1 hour or more for me on 512kbps internet connection think what might happen with people with less bandwidth :o.

  1. As per my knowledge, In the time of updating antivirus, user is not protected at all from malwares.
  2. Every person who trust in comodo like me is open to threats in that time, I tried using other antivirus products there first antivirus update is not as huge as comodo.
    So, i feel it would be best to include first major update of 90mb+ CIS setup = Perfect combination, even though size of CIS installation will increase but end user will be benifited alot as after he install CIS then he has to do very small update later
    Melih and comodo team please look into my suggestion :slight_smile:

You are not unprotected while the signatures are being downloaded, if you encounter an unknown file, it will be scanned with the cloud to see if it’s a bad file, for this you don’t need the local signatures. If it is found unknown it will be sandboxed, if it is found unsafe/malware, the AV component will kick in and ask you what you want to do (unless you made any changes, like automatically quarantine etc)

It would be nice to have it as you suggest but that would necessitate the installation file for CIS to be modified at least on a daily basis.

I noticed that as well. To download CIS itself from the Comodo website takes very long (20 min), to update the whole AV database takes very long (30 min) as well and I have 5mbps connection. I believe someone need to check the Comodo server for this issue. Comodo staff can you please check what’s going on? Other security vendors have big update as well such as Kaspersky. And you are protected since you have D+ and the cloud.

They changed whole CIS.

Why should that be impossible for an installer? Replace the database once a week.

haiii guys,

i made many complains to the comodo regarding the virus data base file (124mb)
only people those are using slow net connection they can understand that how big the data base update file is.
it takes many hours to update for the first time or to manually download. and no antivirus can protect you if your virus signature data base file is not up to date. :-[

They can if they have a cloud component, like CAV.

Is it the region average line?
Otherwise i could suggest to get a 2000bit line. I was happy with it.
As 6000bit became cheaper than that, i switched to 6000. Its a benefit if you are loading digital games from services.

I didn’t say it wasn’t possible. I just mean that it is not normal practice. A new installation file is normally only posted when there is a new version of the program released. It then stays the same until the version number gets updated again.

Avast is not at 0.

But it was meant in general about the fact. Quoted for reference.

What? “Avast is not at 0?” What the heck does that mean?

It comes with a database of a specific date. The update takes like seconds.

No, it was more like minutes to complete the download, installation, and activation of the database when I first installed CIS6. Even with my 30 meg connection

How much bitps is 30 meg?

I spoke about avast initial update.

Okay 30 megs is equivalent to 3.75 megabytes per second in download speed which is faster than the average by quite a bit. I was also talking about the initial update.

About cis6?
When it takes with 30 000bit/s minutes, what should people say who have not even a 10th or 30th of that :o

I have a 5th of that. Avast was very fast.

why not have an option in the installer to download the database? this would keep the installation file small

An installer of a firewall should not encourage to use the internet while installation.

But there could be a little link on the loadpage:
“If you want to load the antivirus database prior, press”

comodo should make their data base file less like other antivirus? :embarassed:

Comodo does not provide good generic detections that’s why there are 16 M signatures in DB to this day …