CIS - Scheduled scan when computer off

Hi All…

I’m sure this simple question has been asked before. However in scanning the FAQs I don’t see it.

In CIS Anti-Virus, does a scheduled scan happen “as soon as possible” if the computer is OFF at the scheduled time?

I.e. lets say I set a scheduled scan for 3:00 AM Sunday morning,but the computer of OFF then and I don’t turn it ON until sometime Sunday evening - does the scan happen?


I believe it happens automatically the next time the computer is turned on.

I don’t have any firsthand experience with this as I have mine set for when I know the computer will be on, but I recall reading a post on the forum by a user that wasn’t happy to find a scan started without asking first after a missed scheduled scan.

No, it does not. When the scan is missed, it will not scan again unless you manually start it or the next scheduled time arrives. (this is my experience with scheduled scanning).

Like I said, I had no experience with it. I just read a post from someone complaining about it. Did some searching and can’t find the post. :-\

well this is a huge black mark on the product if you ask me. The whole point of anti-virus software is to set it and forget it.

Make a request in the wishlist for command line AV scanning, that way you can use Window’s scheduler to do this for you.

Yes, this is embarrassing for Comodo isn’t it–their software is otherwise darn sophisticated, but it’s really stupid in a couple of practical, day-to-day ways. If your PC is off it doesn’t scan (or tell you about it) so you have to leave your PC on 24/7 or otherwise do tricks-in-the-air to get scans to run at some time when it won’t be a bother to you. Next you try Sleep mode and it doesn’t wake your PC to do a scan. And you learn quickly also that if you DO try Sleep mode, your PC goes to sleep while scanning, which resumes when you awaken it, just when you’ve turned it on because you want to use it, and not wait for last night’s scan to finish.

So Scheduled Scan doesn’t work in a practical way. I suppose in their defense the Scheduled Scan thing is only a double-check that nothing’s crept-in to your PC, cuz it should have been preventing infections all along. So we can just turn it off I suppose (not very reassuring is it).

Instead you can leave your PC on 24/7 (ugh!), or you set your PC to Sleep/Standby and then find that it STILL doesn’t work, and finally you work-out a kludge to wake your PC and change your Sleep settings and get the scan done and then restore your Sleep settings cuz otherwise the flippin’ PC will go to Sleep/Standby in the middle of a Scan thanks to Windows7, and Comodo not knowing/caring about STES! >:-D