CIS Scan window shrinks for context menu scans

I have observed a strange behaviour (may be a bug) on my friends computer when I installed CIS on it.

Whenever I right click on any drive and choose to scan with Comodo Antivirus, the scan window just flashes and immediately shrinks to something shown in below screenshot. There is no way to resize or restore it. If I try to close the window, it asks for stopping the scan, which means that the scan is running fine.

Some one please guide me how to solve this issue.

My Configuration

Windows XP SP3, CIS 5.10, Proactive Security.

[attachment deleted by admin]

Is your friend running a modified UXTHEME.DLL or an app that modifies windows/taskbar?

What happens when you try & restore the window? Can you drag it? Does right-click work on the window?

It’s a standard windows version, no modifications.
Yes, I can drag the window.
Upon Right click, there are two active options 1. minimize 2. Close

Hi SivaSuresh,
Does running a manual system scan from within the GUI show the scan screen correctly?

Is there any other Anti-malware type programs running at start-up that could be interfering?

Edit: Have you tried a different CIS theme in case of a corrupt theme file?

Yes, manual/smart/full scans from main gui are showing correct screen.
No. CIS is freshly installed after formatting.
I am using Black theme. I will just change to default theme and report back.

edit: Checked with other themes also, it is the same. The window flashes for a fraction of a second and shrinks immediately.

One big correction: The OS is Win7 x86, not Windows XP. I formatted XP system and put Win7.

I am not sure as to what is happening.

If you have time I would consider trying a uninstall/reinstall with a freshly downloaded installer in case of some form of corruption happened during install.

If the above fails there could be something unique between that particular system and CIS causing a conflict and for this reason I would consider filing a Bug Report in the hope of finding the cause.
If you do file a Bug Report please follow the Bug Report Format.

I will go with the first choice, I will do a fresh install again and see what happens.

I actually thought of filing a bug report and that is why I posted this issue, but I soon realised that we are soon going to have a complete new UI for next version…so may be this is not of much importance. So, I would file a bug report only if it is necessary.

All the best, I hope it works out.