CIS scan files twice??

Manual scanning was set to NO heuristic while “on access” scanner was left with heuristic HIGH.
(A bit weird I guess)…

However I chose a malware folder and manually chose “scan with Comodo Antivirus”, I got several popups from the ondemand about “found heur.pckblabla”-files as well as the end result from the manual scan…

So this leaves me with the feeling that perhaps CIS is scanning files TWICE when I just want to do a manual scan.

At least if configured this way CIS seems to be scanning files with heuristic high… ??? ??? Possible wanted behaviour I guess just felt like sharing the info… =) I however hope the files are not signature scanned as well by both the ondemand and the Manual scanner…
Feels a bit less resource effective… =/

Hmmm… I wonder if this is related to why you need to click ‘Ignore Once’ twice? :-\

Can you post a picture or make a video?

P.S. I like the new avatar you have monkey_boy.

Thank you, I like my avatar as well… =)

I will not make a video about this now as I have a lot of other stuff I need to get done first, Ill possible make one when I get home some day soon.

But it should be fully reproducible I think, unless I made some major testing error, all that is needed is some samples where one/many is only heuristic detected…


I have noticed that when im getting malware for COMODO sometimes if i have Heuristics on I get one name and I have them off i get a DB name.