CIS sandboxing trusted programs

I’m using CIS v5 since the release data and it’s been working great. It’s really light on the system, and it’s a really solid release. Im having 1 problem though. CIS keeps sand-boxing trusted programs, that CIS already verified as trusted.

When i boot my laptop CIS instantly start sand-boxing a lot of processes, but comodo knows they are trusted files… I am 100% sure they are safe files myself too.
Im using the following settings:

AV: stateful, cloud scanning enabled for manual, and scheduled scanning.
FW: safe mode, alert frequency: medium
D+: Safe mode, buffer overflow enabled
Sandbox: Enabled and put on limited, automatically detect installers/updaters and run out of sandbox is Off.

Im using windows 7 premium 64 bit, no other real-time security programs.


Also i don’t say that i am 100% sure this is a bug, it can be my fault too. I just don’t understand why CIS behaves this way. Maby someone can explain why this happens, or what i am doing wrong :-TU

Defense+, Computer Security Policy, Defense+ Rules tab, find those trusted programs and set them as Installer/Updater… Restart. If it happens again, press the Don’t sandbox this program anymore. Restart again. If it happens, let us now and someone more professional than me might help! :-TU

I’ve read it can do this sometimes, to safe files even, if you have the “block all unknown requests when application is closed” setting is enabled in defense+ → general settings, happens mostly when things start before CIS. That option is for infected pc’s, might be you have that enabled.

See if you have it enabled, and disable it.

That was the problem, it doesn’t sandbox em anymore ;D
Thanks alot ;D :-TU

You’re welcome :slight_smile:

I have this same problem. “block all unknown requests when application is closed” is not enabled.

I added the offending programs to trusted files. No effect.

I finally created a protected file group and added the program to that.

Even after being set to not run in Sandbox again, Sandbox will keep trying when ever some programs are started. With all the times they have been sent to COMODO for analysis maybe somebody should catch on and fix this glitch.

Can you make sure the file is not also in Unrecognised Files at the same time. If so, please remove it from there.
Also read Mouse1’s Introduction to the v5 Sandbox (see my signature) and How can I prevent software being sandboxed? and see if that brings any help.