Cis Sandbox within Shadow defender?.Am i more secure?.

Hi Guys. I use Shadow defender to return the os to its original state when shutting down and re booting.However i also use Cis version 4.1 and have found that you can use Cis Sandbox to notify of any intrusions and have had no issues such as slowdowns, as yet using both at the same time.This was as a result of some testing with malware from MDL.I am using W7 32 bit os.

My question is. Do forum members feel overall security will be stronger as Cis sandbox isolates the malware and also Shadow defender has Cis sandbox within itself?.

I am aware that possibilities exist for incompatibility but have not experienced any in this case. I am thinking its like wearing 2 bullet proof vests instead of one!!.

I would be interested in Comments about my findings.


I would think they are complimentary, but perhaps others will know better than I, as I do not know Shadow.

Best wishes