CIS sandbox first time user question


I cant print using Foxit Phantom when Opera is run sandboxed. Opera says, to install or find a printer but the FoxitPhantom is installed. Only when I use CIS sandbox it ain’t there. The setting is “limited”. How can I make CIS sandbox use FoxitPhantom printer in Opera(while it is sandboxed)…?

Are there any settings that I’d have to do…? Can you teach it to me…?

I am trying the CIS Sandbox for the first time and my goal is to check if it will or can substitute SBIE. I’ve always used SBIE with CIS without any problems but now I’d like to see the sandbox of CIS.

What may I ask are good/solid settings for browsers specifically Firefox / Google Chrome / SRWare Iron / Opera / IE8 to run in CIS sandbox…? Please teach me. I download via Free Download manager and do screenshots with FastStone Screencapture.

I remember with PrevxSOL (in another machine) I’d have to adjust the settings to allow screen capture utility. How about in CI sandbox…?

Help please. Just wanna see if CIS sandbox can take over SBIE and if you have some settings that you are using that I can try please if I may teach it to me.

Using CIS ver5.3.xxxxxx.1237 (no AV, D+ and Firewall)

Thank you!

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When you run Opera in the sandbox all applications it will start will be sandboxed. That is by design.


I seem to have read somewhere in the guidelines that the purpose of the CIS sandbox is not to replace light virtualization but to sandbox a particular program or executable that is not recognized as safe…yeah as you stated all that it uses will also mimic “the sort of law” that it should run in the CIS sandbox.

Very nice there. I am learning. Never really touched that part of CIS before an now I know.

Okay thank you for the help :slight_smile:

That would be the automatic sandbox.

The manual sandbox is similar to Sandboxie, where a user can choose to always open an application (or a one-time use) in a virtualized scenario.

Hi Gapp,

What i did to always delete the contents of all sandboxes was to include “VritualRoot” in CCleaner.
The other thing i do is to use the Automatic Sandbox to “Blocked”. Basically it is like choosing Start/run access in Sandboxie. But be sure to have every safe file trusted by Comodo.

If you want to see improvements in the Manual sandbox use this link

Comodo V.6 should come this year. Maybe it will bring improvements. I really hope so.

BTW i would love to see an other Blade movie 8)