CIS, Safesurf and Tool bar

Hi, sorry if this has all ready been covered.

I updated to CFP 3.5 via the programs update and have been told I can add the AV through add/remove. Will this also add Safesurf? Also, I’ve seen where there’s a Safesurf tray icon but also heard of a tool bar? Are there any screen shots of the tool bar and is it necessary?

No, you can only choose the toolbar on a fresh install.

OK thanks. Do you have it, is it worth it?

Well no, I hate toolbars in general… :wink: Maybe someone else.

You can install Safe Surf without the toolbar. You only get the Memory Firewall (that is a small program that detects buffer overrun error in order to prevent unpatched problems from being exploited.

Thanks all. I’ll probably install Safe Surf without the tool bar once CAV incorporates heuristics and I download CIS

I have to make a slight change here, If you want Safesurf you will get Ask Bar installed also there is no way to prevent this !
You have to uninstall it to get rid of it, then you will have Safesurf.

The only thing you can untick during install are:
[ ] Install COMODO Safesurf → This will cause toolbar to be installed.
[ ] Make my default search provider
[ ] Make Comodo Search my homepage

Although Ronny is correct about SafeSurf, one can get at least some (maybe even all) of its functionality without the toolbar by just installing Comodo Memory Firewall in addition to CIS. However, there is an important caveat: fully understand the problems that can occur with CMF and be prepared to deal with them. Look through the CMF section of the forum for this.

I know all about that cpu eating bug, i had a list of 40 tools on my exclusion list… the big reason i’m running without CMF now (:SAD) but then again i trust D+ :BNC