CIS Root Kit & Anti-Spy ware ???

Would like to see Root Kit detection and better Heuristic scanning with Anti-Spy ware Built in.

Of course improving Virus detection :-La should always be a priority with CIS.

CIS already features anti-spyware and anti-rootkit :wink:

It’s designed as a complete anti-malware product.

CIMA advanced heuristics will be added in the final release of v3.9 ;D

Beanie :slight_smile:

If I’m not mistaken, it will not. At least not in upcoming release… Melih’s words

Breen, please reread this post by Egemen in the very thread you pointed to:

Beanie is quite correct on this.

Hmmm, Egemen posted “Sorry I think I misunderstood the original question. We will have some heuristics improvements with 3.9 released. It is not CIMA integration.
The one i am talking about for this release is just a slight improvement.” So, we will see CIMA in 3.9 or not :)?

Where did he post that? The post that John linked to stated that CIMA heuristics will be in v3.9, as does this announcement thread:

I’m thoroughly confused ???

I sent a pm to Egemen asking when we can expect CIMA-like heuristics to be added (if not by 3.9 Final).

Yep, in development activities there is info about CIMA in 3.9, but Egemen posted someting else after the release of 3.9 Beta. We wait for Egemen’s response :).

He replied. It will NOT be in 3.9. I has asked when we could expect it, but not sure at this time.
I would hope it will be ready for v4.

Propably it takes more time than they planned, CIMA will be grat addition to CAV engine.


Well then, can someone edit the Development Activities post, please?



Doh! ;D this will make 4.0 a even bigger release… 8)